VIDEO: ‘First Layer Russia’ Teaser – Presented by Vans

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The Vans Euro team is once again set to blow minds with their new film ‘First Layer Russia‘ as they explore some of Russia’s lesser-known street spots.  They started this epic trip in Moscow, then headed east to Novosibirsk in Siberia.  The riders who made the cut include  Benny Urban, Will Smith, Antti Jussila, Sami Luhtanen, Nikita Sekh, Cees Wille, Sparrow Knox and Kevin Trammer

“Our trip to Novosibirsk was definitely one of a kind! I think there is almost no location in the world where street snowboarding is as special as this far east in Siberia.” – Benny Urban

Street riding is really intriguing, why ride in the street when you can go shred a mountain instead? ‘First Layer Russia’ answers this question and encourages riders to get out and explore the urban playground around them. To some street, snowboarding is the norm and all they know, especially when they are unable to or disinterested in hitting the mountains.

“Well, what if you grew up in Helsinki, Quebec or Moscow? What if snowboarding in the street is just as natural for you as playing in your backyard? TM Bruno

This film looks amazing, not only did it provide the riders with many unique experiences, but it also allowed them to connect with the locals, experience the culture and discover new terrain. 

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