VIDEO: “The History of Freeskiing”

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The guy’s voice in this video is abrasive.  The information that the video displays is quite good.

Freeskiing has come a long, long way.  From essentially not having an identity at all, to Scot Schmidt, to Shane McConkey, to Fat Skis, to Rockered Skis, to Double Corks, to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.  That’s the definition of progression.

Where it will go from here, is tough to predict.  We know about triple corks, we know about pushing Alaska lines even further, we know about ridiculous street skiing, but what don’t we see coming.  Whatever it is, it’ll be big and like everything else in freeskiing, we’ll all be onboard.

Shane McConkeys last ever run at Vail, CO.
Shane McConkey’s last ever run at Vail, CO.

The North Face has partnered with Teton Gravity Research, Sherpas Cinema, Stept Productions, and Mountain Sports International to create a new 13-episode series about the history of freeskiing. This first episode by Teton Gravity Research covers the history of freeskiing in three minutes.The North Face

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