VIDEO: Jérémie Heitz skis vertically in “Le Liste”

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Jérémie Heitz by Mika Merikanto
Jérémie Heitz by Mika Merikanto

Jérémie Heitz, the 26-year-old Swiss freerider has selected 15 of the most beautiful peaks of the Alps that he’ll re-ski to illustrate the evolution of steep skiing.

Planned for release in 2016, “Le Liste” will show the skier descending 15 Swiss peaks over 4,000 metres in his home canton of Valais. The film trailer below shows the incredible steepness and speed of his descents.

“I think it’s in all sports. The evolution has been towards speed. We see this in skiing as well. We see it with big fast turns, which is amazing, but I don’t think we will see it on slopes over 50 degrees where falling is not an option. I have never seen it until now, maybe I’m badly informed”. Sylvain Saudan, legendary extreme skier.

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