VIDEO: Massive Bike Air Session in Kamloops, BC: Aggy’s Reunion

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“The FEST is a series of rider driven invitational events. It was was created by a crew of the most talented and progressive professional FREERIDERS, recognized around the world for their riding, track building and media production skills.  The original 6 FEST riders are: Andreu Lacondeguy, Nico Vink, Makken, Nick Pescetto, Kurt Sorge and Graham Agassiz.

The FEST brings out the purest and realest essence of MTB Freeriding, which is about pushing the limits of the sport by always building new lines, and riding massive jumps in optimal conditions.”

fest series aggy whip
Graham Agassiz AKA Aggy

This stop in Kamloops, BC was hosted by the steeze master, Graham Agassiz.

What we like about this series is that there is no competition, just the best freeriders around the world coming together to push the limits of the sport. It sure is fun to watch.

aggy fest 2016 freeride
Aggy Fest.

Not enough? Check out the last one:

2016 CruzFEST from Santa Cruz, CA


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