VIDEO: RedBull Chain Reaction | Moab, UT

Keenan Grady |

Need your daily dose of awesome?


Check out this flick produced by RedBull that displays 8 different disciplines of flight in one relatively uncut clip around the Moab area.


This pretty much seems to be the pinnacle of the “amount of fun you could have in one afternoon with some buddies”.

Imagine calling a few of your friends to find out one is already flying in the area, another has a helicopter with two of the other buds who are ready to wingsuit, with two more who are ready for a speed wing descent.  Meanwhile your other friends are climbing up some towers so they can be ready to base jump as the rest of the gang fly’s by.


Seems a bit nuts to us average folk, but for these RedBull athletes, it’s just another standard day.  


The athleticism displayed in this video is truly an impressive collaboration of skill.


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