VIDEO: Salomon TV Presents “The Highway”

Sergei Poljak |

Stan Rey, Salomon pro skier and fellow human being faces hardship and uses his passion of passions to come to terms with it. 

Stan’s sister, Olivia Rey is in a serious car accident near Whistler, BC in which she is paralyzed and her best friend, Marie-Pier, is killed. Stan’s family, once serene and happy, is gripped by sadness as the tragedy unfolds and the scope of Olivia’s health and complex rehabilitation unfold. She has essentially lost all function below her shoulders, as well as her hands.

Stan is gripped by depression following the incident, and loses focus in skiing. However, he overcomes his grief by channelling it into his passion, which has always been, and presumably always will be, skiing. He takes on an objective that he has eyed for twenty years, but has never stepped up to: The Tantalus Range, a glacier studded, snow corniced, himalayan white beast northwest of Vancouver, near Whistler. 

If skiing is your true passion, it can also be your healer. If skiing is not your true passion, hopefully you have another that will serve the same purpose. The point remains the same. But check out the short, because it’s more poignant than my synopsis. 

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