VIDEO: Survivor Of Sonora Pass Avalanche Speaks Out About The Experience

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“This incident occurred about 10 years ago. Like we had been doing most of the season we had gone out to Sonora pass that day.  We got out early and went to our main objective which was an easy build of a pat down.  We had a session that for an hour or so until it was done.  It was still early in the day, so we took a quick break to talk about we would do for the rest of the day.  As a group we decided to check out a zone just about a half mile to the south.  We got over there and assessed that we could build a jump but we needed to be on a mellow slope, the slope where the jump landing was 26 degrees.  Once we had the jump ready the riders started hitting it. There were 5 riders, they all hit the jump once, and then on first hit of the second round the avalanche cracked.  Everyone panicked. Luckily everyone was okay and no was hurt and all that happened was we lost a snowmobile helmet and a snowboard.  It is never 100% safe out there and we saw that first hand.  Be safe out there,” stated Greg Weaver.

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