VIDEO: Whale Knocks Surfer Unconscious in Australia with Tail

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“You just saw basically surfers, surfboards, swimmers thrown into the air like skittles, I’ve never seen anything like it.

“It was like they were soft toys getting thrown around the cot by a whale, and, you know, the whole beach sort of gasped basically.” – Eye Witness

As a surfer, you’re pretty stoked when you’re out in the water and a dolphin or turtle or seal or whale shows up.  It’s a wildlife experience most don’t have access to.  Generally, whales don’t show up in the line up as it’s too shallow for whales where waves break.

This video shows us something new…  A Southern Right Whale came just 100 feet off shore and cruised right into the lineup at Bondi beach, Australia.  A New Zealand surfer (who’s a doctor) was waiting for a wave near the whale when he was smacked viciously by the Whale’s tail.  The blow knocked him out and he had to be rescued by the other surfers.

The 38-year old surfer was taken to the hospital and appears to be totally fine, thankfully.  He was treated for a shoulder injury and concussion.

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