VIDEOS: Kelly Slater Wins Tahiti Pro, Andy Irons Award, & Has PERFECT Heat!

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Kelly Slater is the GOAT.  He’s 44-years-old and still the best surfer in the world when conditions get big, scary, and good.  He simply blew the competition out of the water today.  No one even had a chance next to him.

Kelly even had a perfect heat today pulling in two perfect 10s in one heat.  You can’t score more than a 20 in a heat and the guy scored a 20!  WTF are you supposed to do against that!?

Kelly got 4 perfect 10 waves in this competition.  3 of them today…

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This was Kelly’s 3rd perfect heat of his career and only the 9th perfect heat in the history of surfing.  

Kelly also won the Andy Irons Most Committed Performance Award.

When the surf gets epic, Kelly is still the best in the world.

Kelly hadn’t won an even it two and a half years.  This must have felt amazing!

Kelly Slater = 55 event wins, 11 world titles, 44-years-old, 23 years on tour.

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check out Kelly’s emotional post win interview – skip to 7:00

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