What a Wonder: Planet Earth ll Trailer Delivers Eye-Popping Footage

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The producers of the award-winning nature documentary Planet Earth are back at it again, 10 years later. Planet Earth ll, a six -part series produced by the BBC, is set to go where no other documentary of it’s kind has gone before. With awe-inspiring slo-mo shots and immersive imagery, it delivers nature in all it’s splendor.

“Ten years after Planet Earth first brought the wonders of the natural world to viewers in HD, Planet Earth II is another game-changer. Shot in UHD, the epic scale and ambition of this series is second to none. It will be a truly immersive experience, providing audiences with a unique perspective on the most extraordinary places and animals on our planet.”

Mike Gunton, Executive Producer

Snow Leopard - Uley, Ladakh, India Credit: BBC
Snow Leopard – Uley, Ladakh, India
Credit: BBC

The series is narrated by Sir David Attenbourgh, the almost 90 year old famed British naturalist, who assisted with the first Planet Earth. The cinematography captures stunning images of Earth’s resident rebels of the wild, utilizing the latest technology with 4D cameras, drones, and sensor-activated hidden cameras. The viewer is brought up close and personal in a whole new way.   In addition to the stunning visual displays, the score is given full attention as well, composed by Academy Award-winner Hans Zimmer.

This sequel, three years in the making, looks to deliver a first rate quality viewing experience. 

Komodo Dragon - Credit: BBC
Komodo Dragon –
Credit: BBC
Planet Earth 2: Up close with Penguins Credit: BBC
Planet Earth 2: Up close with Penguins
Credit: BBC


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