Which Ski Resorts are Still OPEN in North America

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Classic pond skim.  photo:  bangordailynews.com
Classic pond skim at Sunday River, ME. photo: bangordailynews.com

There are still a hand full of ski resorts that are going strong.  There are a hand full that are open weekends.  And there are a lot that are already closed.  There are still some solid options around, have a look:


Timberline, OR = September ?

Crystal Mountain, WA = June 16th (weekends)

Arapahoe Basin, CO = June ?

Mammoth Mountain, CA = May 30th

Snowbird, UT = May 30th

Whistler, B.C. = May 27th (reopens for glacier skiing June 22nd – July 28th)

Killington, VT = May 5th

Sunday River, ME = April 24th

Squaw Valley, CA = April 21st

Alpine Meadows, CA = April 21st (weekends)(they’re hoping for April 26-28, but not sure)

Kirkwood, CA = April 21st

Stevens Pass, WA = April 21st (weekends)

Snoqualmie, WA = April 21st (weekends)

Alpental, WA = April 21st (weekends)

Alta, UT = April 21st

Mt Baker, WA = April 21st (weekends)

If we missed your favorite ski resort, let us know.




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10 thoughts on “Which Ski Resorts are Still OPEN in North America

  1. why are you listing closing dates that are even earlier than what the ski resorts are listing? who are you guys? Alpines website as of today (4/16/13) at noon says 4/28/13 closing date which is what they announced prior to even opening the resort. We just got snow the last two days and conditions at Alpine have been awesome so if you haven’t been there don’t say they do’t have snow because they do. They do a great job there at Alpine.

    1. we called Alpine, this is what they told us. They do do a great job and Alpine is rad. We certainly hope they can stay open one more weekend

  2. Blackcomb Mountain will be open through May 27th, then re-opens for glacier skiing June 22 to July 28

    Check out whistlerblackcomb.com

  3. ha, resorts are changing their dates now based on new snow or no snow. It’s all about Snowbird.

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