Whistler B.C. Conditions Report: Deep Winter

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In some areas the 15cm felt a lot deeper. This is just below the Chimney.

Whistler received 15cm overnight on Sunday refreshing the mountain and making it soft and deep.  The trees held really good and consistent snow, while the alpine was a little bit more variable conditions, but still soft.  I went to Blackcomb and did a few glacier laps while the visibility was good.  They were running Horstman T-Bar today which is a good sign for the rest of the season.

upper glacier
Upper Glacier was nice, and you could easily access this terrain and Pacalolo via the Horstman T-Bar.

We went to Spankey’s and the snow was fairly untracked all three runs.  Most of Spankey’s was really soft, however there was one small section that had a bit more hard wind blown snow on it.  Overall though you could go fast and rely on consistent powder.

cbc pillow
Snow in CBC was really good and there were some nice pillowy lines throughout.

On the way back to Glacier chair we skied Fraggle rock which held good snow.  After the clouds rolled in more and visibility went down a bit, we decided to stay on the Crystal chair and skied the CBC trees.  The trees held good snow all the way to the bottom, however the exit of CBC had low coverage.  Most of the CBC trees were fresh and held less wind affected snow than on Glacier.  Overall today skied a lot deeper than the 15cm we received and was nice as terrain opened quickly.

lower Glacier
Pretty fresh and solid coverage on lower glacier

Also this past Saturday in Whistler was the Deep Winter photo contest so please go check them out and vote for your favorite.  Looking at the forecast it seems like we are about to go through another cold cycle, with more new snow coming in for the weekend!

360 send
Conor throwing a 3 deep into the Chimney area above Crystal.
Could get to Pacalolo and Teetering rock today as well.






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