Whistler Opening Day Conditions Report: Solid Coverage & Big Terrain

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Who does not love an opening day?  Nobody!  Summer was a good time, fall built the stoke of another winter, and now it is finally here!  When October rolled around I was getting a little bit worried about snow in the Sea to Sky and how this winter would turn out. But then November came and just started hammering us with snow allowing Whistler to open up early!


Harmony is already looking filled in and ready to go!
Harmony is already looking filled in and ready to go!
Looking out towards Blackcomb.

The last couple weekends it has been snowing a ton, allowing people to get in the alpine and hike for the goods.  With enough base laid out Whistler opened up with some very good conditions.  The mountain was covered up a lot and I was surprised as the small Christmas trees you see normally poking out of the snow seemed to have mainly been covered.

Lots of people were hiking up towards Harmony or Peak.

The snow coverage was solid allowing for confident skiing and being able to lay into some turns.  I did not see many rocks poking up at all, except for the obvious snow covered mounds of boulders.  The coverage was good most of the way to the gondola mid-station if you wanted to go down there and not wait in lines.   I saw some people even venture to ski all the way down to the base, but they definitely had to walk the last bit.

Whistler made a nice mini park with 6 rail setups.

As always, the skiing was super fun on Emerald and Red.  Felt good to get the legs going and throw some snow up in the air.  The snow was a bit of a mix of everything today.  The groomers and cat-tracks were all good fun, and the cut up skied out snow was soft and movable.  If you ventured out to Harmony or other untouched areas, the snow was definitely variable from a cardboard like inch thick crust, windblown icy spots, to super smooth powder zones.  Definitely kept us on our toes at first, but was quickly able to figure out where the good snow was and stick to that all day.  Overall, an awesome opening day and am stoked on the solid coverage all over the mountain.

Two weeks ago I headed up Blackcomb towards Spankey’s. A lot of snow has fallen since then, but thought I would show this and below as a reference.
Looking up Husume on Blackcomb two weeks ago. Much more snow has come since then!


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