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Airplane turn
Enjoying that new soft snow with a nice airplane turn

Winter has not had its last word yet.  It seems like the March warm and dry spell has finally concluded.  This last weekend we saw storms up high in the alpine dropping off about 15cm of snow.  This new snow definitely made the mountain more lively and gave some life back into Whistler.

Snow just below treeline has had a mix of snow and rain.

The story of this winter has been stay high up on the mountain.  That is still the case now with this past storm having a freezing level of around 1600m.  Snow in the alpine has been good, while tree line has had some wet snow and rain.  Below this however there has just been rain, making the lower mountain mainly dirt.

Stoked on the new snow up high.

We spent the day riding the upper part of Blackcomb, mainly off of Glacier chair.  The snow was not quiet powder but was smooth and soft.  It was nice to be able to charge through some cut up snow and feel some give. The groomers were pretty icy due to the rain and cold temperatures, so we tried to stay away from them.  Overall the snow was forgiving and a nice change from the spring conditions we have been seeing.

Windlip up at the top of the Blackcomb glacier was fun with some fresh snow.

Things are supposed to stay at or below freezing in the peaks for the next couple days with a mix of clouds and sun.  The next storm roles through on Thursday and Friday and it is supposed to snow up to 45cm over these days!  This would definitely be an awesome refresh and help prolong the winter season.


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