Wind, Chalk, & Corbet’s at Jackson Hole | Conditions Report, Photo Tour

Jesse Cassidy | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Tydel eyeing Corbet's…after throwing his pole down it
Tydel eyeing Corbet’s…after throwing his pole down it

With a season total of 454″, and a snow depth of 131″, Jackson is killing it. So much so that a trough had to be dug out for the tram at the top. With all the hype around the snow in Jackson, and the lack thereof in Tahoe, Tydel and I decided to take a lil trip out to Tetons to check it out ourselves. And we have yet to be disappointed, the hype around Jackson is well warranted as the mountain is ripping. From Corbet’s to Headwall, the skiing is all time in Jackson right now.

Rendezvous Bowl
Rendezvous Bowl

The wind and flat light kept us from exploring to much this morning, however after some killer waffles at Corbet’s Cabin, and the sun popping out, it was time to ski. Corbet’s is skiing great right now, and with all the snow this year getting into it is nothing. Once in, Corbet’s rewards you with soft and chalky turns the entire way down. Cheyenne Bowl and Bernie’s Bowl were harboring soft turns and fun airs if you spent some time poking around. Expert Chutes were also ripping the last two days, tracked out but fun. The groomers around the entire mountain are skiing fast and fun. The entire mountain is ripping right now, and with some warm temps on the way, the spring skiing should be killer. 

Corbet's Couloir
Corbet’s Couloir
Tydel sending in Cheyenne Bowl
Tydel sending in Cheyenne Bowl


Laramie Bowl
Laramie Bowl




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