Winter 20/21 Projected Opening Dates for Utah Ski Resorts

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Snowbasin, the safest resort in North America, is opening in less than two months! Photo Credit: Megan Collins

As the leaves start changing and the days grow shorter and shorter, it can only mean one thing: winter is coming.

Heading to Utah this season? Here are all the projected opening dates to start planning and keep your stoke levels high for the winter season ahead:


Beaver Mountain: TBD

Brian Head: 11/20

Brighton: TBD

Cherry Peak: TBD

Deer Valley: 12/05

Eagle Point: 12/18

Nordic Valley: TBD

Park City: 11/20

Powder Mountain: TBD

Snowbasin: 11/25

Snowbird: 11/30

Solitude: 11/20

Sundance: 12/4

Woodward Park City: TBD

*All dates are projected / subject to change*
Park CIty, UT. Photo Credit: Ski Utah

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3 thoughts on “Winter 20/21 Projected Opening Dates for Utah Ski Resorts


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  2. ASAP. Well ran republican state with the 2nd lowest unemployment rate in the country. Guaranteed to have a spaz free winter.

    1. Yep, because we aren’t seeing a huge spike in cases and no one from out of state will be coming this ski season and our Governor is not a college drop out. Once again, Utah is special and unique and Joseph Smith’s special little boy!

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