Yosemite National Park – “We’re Having Another Very Dry Year”

Steven Agar | | WeatherWeather
yosemite, california, dry, warm
Tuolumne Meadows. Credit: Yosemite

Yosemite National Park yesterday declared: We’re having another very dry year.

yosemite, california, dry, warm
Cathedral Range. Credit: Yosemite

The February 1 snow survey results are in, and the Merced River drainage snowpack is 16% of average and the Tuolumne River drainage is 25% of average (this is similar to February 2014 and 2015). So warm and dry in fact, that the bears are awake and hungry!

yosemite, california, dry, warm
Mount Conness. Credit: Yosemite

Nevertheless, the winter rangers are reporting great skiing conditions around Tuolumne Meadows. Read more from yesterdays update.

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