19-Year-Old Mountaineer Killed In Avalanche On Mont Blanc, France

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Mont Blanc, France. Image: G Adventures

According to ANSA, a 19-year-old mountaineer was killed on Mont Blanc, France on Monday after he was hit by an avalanche. Tom Carsolio was hiking with a partner on Monday when he was struck by an avalanche. The avalanche occurred just below the Durier Hut (3358 meters) near the Col de Miage (3367 meters) on Mont Blanc.

The red pin marks Mont Blanc, France. Image: Google Maps

It was triggered at 3200 meters and carried Tom 200m down the mountain. His climbing partner was uninjured by the slide, which allowed him to give him first aid and perform CPR. Rescuers were alerted of the avalanche around 10:00am on Monday.

Tom Carsolio. Image: Remember Tom Carsolio Facebook Page

Bad weather conditions forced rescuers to approach the pair on foot. They were unable to reach them until 6:30pm that day due to knee-deep snow on the mountain. Sadly, Tom didn’t survive the avalanche and his partner descended the mountain with rescuers.

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