15 Reasons Why I Won’t Date A Guy Who Can’t Ski…

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If he can’t ski, I’m not interested. Credit: onthesnow

I think my sister said it best, “I can’t date him because he can’t ski!” One run down the mountain sealed this guy’s fate, and just like that he was ghosted. I know this sounds harsh, but all the lady skiers out there know what I’m talking about… You meet a nice boy, he takes you out on a date, and everything is going great until you ask him the all-important question: Do you ski? If he says yes, you can consider a second date. If he says no, make a B-line to the nearest exit. So, here are the 15 Reasons Why I Won’t Date A Guy Who Can’t Ski:

1. He could never come on my family’s ski vacations. All good relationships must pass the family ski vacation test, earning the parental’s seal of approval.

2. My dad would make fun of him. Any guy you bring home better be able to shred as hard as your dad, or else he might get the third degree from the fam.

3. We could never go on a night-skiing date. Dinner and a movie don’t compare to a night out on the slopes.

4. He wouldn’t drive through a blizzard just to make first tracks in the morning. Even though there are no friends on pow days, it might be nice to have someone to keep you warm on the lift when the wind kicks in.

5. We couldn’t take cute pictures together at the top of the mountain. Your Instagram feed would look pretty sad without a few couple pics at the summit.

6. He wouldn’t appreciate my post-slope-sesh helmet hair. Every girl looks better with a nice head of helmet hair, according to a skier dude.

7. He wouldn’t understand why I would rather head to the mountains for spring break instead of going to Cabo.  Who wants to waste away on a beach when you could be getting after it at Whistler, Alta, Telluride, or [insert your ski area of choice].

8. He wouldn’t be there to buy me a drink in the lodge after the lifts stop running. Let’s face it, a good skier boyfriend will be there to buy you a beer and put your skis on the rack after an exhausting day on the hill.

9. We could never indulge in a little après ski jacuzzi time together. How else are you supposed to unwind after a long day on the slopes?

10. We could never have a staged family Christmas card at the top of our favorite mountain. Every ski fam has to have the obligatory forced-pose Christmas card hanging on their fridge.

A couple wearing green and blue matching outfits.
Ski-couple perks: buying matching outfits. Photo courtesy of Alta Ski Area.

11. He would be annoyed when I woke up extra early on a pow day. Who has time for early morning canoodling when the mountains are calling?

12. He wouldn’t understand why I need multiple pairs of skis. He’d also think spending $500 on a pair of skis is absurd.

13. We would never be able to partake in gaper day fun together. What’s the fun in gaper day if you can’t wear a matching outfit with your man?

14. I could never show off my shredding skills to him. If you can’t upstage your guy with your moves, then how else are you supposed to show him who wears the pants in the relationship?

15. He simply could never fully understand me. No guy could ever make my heart pound as hard as shredding the perfect line does, and no normal boyfriend could possibly understand that.

That’s it, ladies… Your guy better know how to ski (and be damn good at it too!) because, in the end, skiing is part of what makes you you. So, skiing might make you the chill girl or the crazy girl but aren’t all of us chill, crazy gals just looking for a chill, crazy guy to keep up with us.

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31 thoughts on “15 Reasons Why I Won’t Date A Guy Who Can’t Ski…

  1. I don’t know what’s more inane, the article itself, or the comments responding honestly to a Valentine’s Day gag write-up as if someone is going to read them and think, “man, if only I could meet THEM. THEY seem really perfect for me!”. Pathetic leading the pitiful.

  2. Spending $500 on a pair of skis IS absurd. Next time buy the spendy ones. They are worth it.

  3. I agree. It would be awesome to have a skier girl to share the mountain with. Its just more fun. And athletic types are sexy. Its win win win.

  4. I red a couple of comments on here and on the FB page.

    What if the significant other can’t ski anymore?

    If he gets hurt or has to quit skiing he will still understand why she does it. He will prep the skis and wax them for her and if she comes home from a day on the mountain the mulled wine, beer or champagne will be waiting next to the whirlpool. If she decides to rather go for apres ski she will know that I saved a seat for her.
    He will understand why she wants to go to the mountain at 5/6am on a powder day.
    Even if I would get hurt I will take on lessons again to go skiing and if I’m in a wheelchair I would try to get used to a sit ski and rip with that.
    The reason for this is if you rip on skis or snowboard you won’t give up easy when it gets hard, you will stick together like a two component glue.

  5. It’s perfectly reasonable to not date someone who isn’t supportive of your passions/hobbies, but not dating someone **because** they can’t ski? What if they always wanted to learn but didn’t grow up with family and friends who did? I’ve only been skiing once in my life and I’m happily dating someone who goes every winter season with family… I Googled “I can’t ski” to see what would turn up and I’m utterly disheartened that this was in the Top 10 results.

  6. I gave up snowboarding for 13 years to be with my ex who didn’t ski. We broke up last Oct and I was back on the slopes in Nov. I promised myself I would never date anyone unless she skied/boarded. I met a woman on a bus on the way back from a ski trip. Life couldn’t be better now, I even got her into mountain biking during the Summer.

  7. Works both ways. I have been a Ski Bum since 77′ when I first got to Tahoe. I got married, had kids, got a mortgage and have a construction business that is thriving. I ski over 125 days a year and my kids do also as they were on the U.S. Ski Team. The secret is I have never skied even one day with my wife of 38 years. She rafts and I ski.

  8. Goes both ways. I won’t date a girl who can’t ski. If I’ve got free time, I’ll be making the commute into the mountains to go ski (or hike/climb in the summer). Not much room for anything else.

  9. True or not- this article speaks to the narcissistic 1D nature of people who feel that others need to conform to their worldview to have any value

  10. Love the article and the same applies for guys. Can’t date a woman who doesn’t ski and after many, many moons finally found one! 🙂 🙂

  11. From a guy’s viewpoint…dating in Vail over 40 and finding a single woman is best summed up as “married, gay or leaving Sunday”

  12. You don’t need a guy that skis. You need a guy who is respectful of you and what you love. My boyfriend is a killer skateboarder and I’m teaching him to snowboard. He will be good in no time. Teaching your man anything is worth your time if you see longevity in a relationship. And if he understands your love of snow, him not being pro as fuck at riding should not be an issue. He will say go have fun, don’t want to hold you up this time, shred some pow.

  13. My wife and I started dating in the Spring….she told me she snowboards “I lived in Denver for 2 yrs”. In the fall, I had a severe spinal injury and couldn’t ski for a couple seasons. The winter after we marry I finally get her and myself on the slopes and she can only ride one edge on her board…..I’m f-ing married to the powder squeegee I usually yell at from the lift! The excitement of being back on the slopes was cut short. Lessons were useless to ever get her sniffing a blue run. Long drive home started with some dark thoughts about our future….but during that drive home I find out she skied all her life until she decided in the late 90’s snowboarding was cooler than skiing. Got her back on skis…..2 of 3 kids owe their lives to our ski strips 🙂

  14. I would like to second Tim’s question here. Where are these ladies?? Can we meet them? haha

    1. We need a ski dating site! I have tons of single lady friends and we’re all looking for ski guys haha!

  15. While a lot of things in this list are kinda silly reasons, I agree with the idea.
    I married a guy who sends bigger than me, has an equal level of risk-management/risk-tolerance in the backcountry, and goes along with my crazy ideas (“Of course we can climb and ski that in 1 day!”, and “Let’s ski every month if the year!”). My dad wishes he would just take me golfing instead.

  16. Agree 100%. Someone who can’t keep up on the slopes isn’t worth my time since they’ll spend all day complaining about me being gone all the time. Also agree with people complaining about how much skis cost. Gotta spend at least 500 for a decent pair of sticks on sale, and you have to have multiple pairs otherwise you’re stuck to one area

  17. I agree 100% with this. I won’t date a girl who doesn’t ski or snowboard. She’d just complain about me being gone too much

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