1,596-Pounds of Garbage Left on Lake Tahoe Beaches on 4th of July

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image: kcra, july 2015

The League to Save Lake Tahoe’s 330 volunteers picked up 1,596-pounds of garbage off Lake Tahoe, CA/NV’s beaches on this date last year.

July 5th, 2016 was the League to Save Lake Tahoe’s (Keep Tahoe Blue) 5th year of doing this 5th of July beach clean up.

Garbage picked up last year included:

  • Cigarette Butts (7,738 of them)
  • Plastic Pieces
  • Plastic Wrappers
  • Bottle Caps
  • Flip Flops
  • Popped Rafts,
  • Soda Bottles
  • Broken Chairs

Companies that provided employees to help clean up:

  • Montbleu
  • Bakpocket Products
  • Lake Tahoe Humane Society
  • Lake Tahoe KOA
  • Tahoe City Kayak
  • Northstar 



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25 thoughts on “1,596-Pounds of Garbage Left on Lake Tahoe Beaches on 4th of July

  1. When you go out fishing or camping you should be prepared with garbage bags for your trash. Don’t make excuses Be respnsable!

  2. I live in Alaska and guide Hunting and Fishing trips in the bush. It never fails that I see see trash in remote area’s where humans have been. It shows the mentality our country has come too that they assume others will pick up after them. It’s sad and beyond explanation. For those of you that read this and come to Alaska, pack out what you pack in and leave no sign you were there. This is why we still have wild animals and wild land for you to visit.

  3. It’s terrific volunteers cleaned up the mess but these inconsiderate slobs will expect you to pick up after them upon their return. Signs and Fines are in order for these entitled brats. I just don’t understand the mentality – guess I was raised better & passed on the same responsibility of stewardship to my kids.

  4. Starting to look a lot like the back streets in Mexico. But, what the heck, this is California!

  5. There should be waaaay more strick laws like in Singapore. How about a $5000 fine for littering and a few orange vest litter patrol to watch for irresponsible litter bugs. Or how about having some respect for that beautiful lake and others and STOP THROWING TRASH!!!!

  6. Does Snowbrains even look at the content posted? The same thing is already posted just a few posts down?

  7. I have recently moved to another country from being in Tahoe for 7yrs, and recently been to a fireworks show. Ita crazy to see the difference here in Europe. People will always be people but the trash left behind by others on the beach here isnt as bad as how I see lake tahoe. Might not always be people from other countries but also tourists and locals from lake tahoe itself. But either or it doesnt matter. We all need to do better to keep our environment clean. Just dont point a finger, just make a difference. Thanks to all the helped clean up my home away from home.

  8. Those humans are beyond putting trash in a can when they know the butlers and maids willl clean up after them. Stop the big parties if you want to keep the lake beautiful. I’m wondering how much of the trash is at the bottom of the lake.To bad it’s all about making money off of morons with no respect for the planet. STOP THE PARTYS.

  9. This is what happens when city people come up to our mountains, no respect and no “pack it in, pack it out mentality” Tahoe should check ids and only let locals in thats the only way to keep Tahoe Blue!!!

  10. Low-life thugs, trashing our beautiful beaches this way. They have no idea how to act in public.

  11. While I completely agree with the the point of this, but this “article” is a bit misleading. The photo was taken in 2015 and the stats were from trash collected on July 5, 2016. I’m sure there was plenty of crap left behind this year, but c’mon…at lease give some info from this year.

  12. So sad to see this happen. We were out of towners and were there for the beautiful fireworks display. But we believe you should leave the beach better than we found it I do have to say we met some wonderful people and I didn’t see anyone leaving this kind of a mess. But I know it happens. If we go next year I would for sure want to stick around and help with the clean up. A big thank you to all that were there to do just that. Blessings!!

  13. When I was in school littering was not tolerated, and if you did you were charged with paroling the campus to pickup any possible litter, of which there was next to none, but you still did it. I don’t know when this changed, but the first time I noticed it was in driving by a local high school at lunch time. The kids sitting on the lawn eating on my first pass by. On my return they had all left the area returning to classes, but the entire lawn was littered, and it was a shock. My first reaction was “how could the principal allow this behavior? They had never allowed it before. In a way it is symbolic of what has happened in this country over the years. People who no longer accept responsibility for themselves. Give me back the good old days!

  14. we were there and we almost started a few fights telling people that threw their garbage on the ground to pick it up. people are so special

  15. Thanks to all who helped clean up. Wish I could have done my part this year, but I have in years past. F*^! all these people bringing their trash, traffic, bad driving, bad attitudes, and other city ailments with them. No, it’s not all of them, but there is a hell of a lot of them.

  16. We love Tahoe. It is the TOP of the water source. We have some local group Talking about this problem. Yes it IS everywhere. I personally worked on Lake Tahoe this morning. I was a little later and big stuff had been taken already, but I picked up PLENTY. We will have new totals from this year. And hopefully some new ideas to improve the mindset of people. It is OUR environment.

  17. People that leave the beaches like this have no respect for anything. Just trash leaving trash. My wife and I will be in South Lake Tahoe next week and would have loved to been able to help with the cleanup. Thanks to all the volunteers who donated their time and energy to help keep the Lake Tahoe beaches beautiful.

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