18-Year-Old Mine Worker Killed By Brown Bear Sow With 2 Cubs In Alaska Yesterday

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Brown Bears on Admiralty Island, AK. Image: Travel Juneau

According to Anchorage Daily News, an 18 year old mine worker was mauled to death by a brown bear sow with two cubs in Southeast Alaska on Monday. Anthony David Montoya, 18, of Hollis, OK was working on contract in Greens Creek Mine, AK when he was mauled by a brown bear. The incident was reported to state troopers at 8:44am that morning.

The red pin marks the locations of Greens Creek Mine, AK. Image: Google

By the time that Alaska State Troopers arrived, all three bears had been killed. The incident occurred at a drill site that was only accessible by helicopter. Anthony was an employee at Timberline Drilling, which contracts with the mine.

“This is a tragic incident. Bears are regular visitors in and around our workplace, however this is the first time since the mine opened almost 30 years ago that a bear encounter has resulted in an injury of any kind,” stated Mike Satre, spokesman for Hecla Greens Creek Mining Co.

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4 thoughts on “18-Year-Old Mine Worker Killed By Brown Bear Sow With 2 Cubs In Alaska Yesterday

  1. I’m deeply sorry for the young man he worked with my son in law and now I worrie for his safety my sympathy goes out to his family he was still a baby but he’s in heaven with his mother God bleeding him and the family and God be with you other miners and be safe

  2. Absolute BS that these bears were killed. If you are going to mine and drill in their habitat then you do what you can to protect yourself but if you fail to it’s NOT the bears fault. Idiotic.

  3. So, humans encroach into bear territory and a human is killed by a sow protecting her cubs, and they kill the mom and cubs?? Seems legit

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