1st Snow in Egypt in 100 Years | Video & Photos

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A snowstorm hit the middle east on Friday creating a combination of chaos and beauty.  Egypt got its first snow in over 100 years. Jerusalem (elevation 2,400 ft) received nearly 3 feet of snow shutting down all roads in and out of Jerusalem.

snow on pyramids
snow on Egypt’s pyramids on December 12th, 2013. photo: twitter @rolayasmine

This was the biggest snowstorm to hit Israel since 1953.  Israeli soldiers spend the day rescuing people trapped in their cars from the snow and ice.

Cairo, Egypt got a dusting of snow sending children in to the streets to play, throw snowballs, and make snowmen.

snow in lebanon
Beirut, Lebanon. Wael Hamzeh / European Pressphoto Agency / December 12, 2013

Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon and other locales were hit hard by the storm.  People living in tents and makeshift shelters did not appreciate the recent snowfall.  Displaced people inside Syria were also likely hit hard by this storm.

jerusalem snow
Jerusalem. Wael Hamzeh / European Pressphoto Agency / December 12, 2013
snow in jerusalem
Jerusalem yesterday, December 12, 2013
egypt with snow
Egypt on December 12th, 2013.


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4 thoughts on “1st Snow in Egypt in 100 Years | Video & Photos

  1. Is there any snow in the Pyramid pic?

    Also it looks like the tweeter, @rolayasmine, who is from Beirut, Lebanon, since then deleted the pic. She now says that she would “never ever ever tweet a photo that has a camel in it”. Not sure what she’s talking about, as there’s a “camel and snow” pic that got a lot of attention, but could be about the “Pyramids and camel” pic and its being deleted.

    People are prone to fall for fakes/hoaxes/misinfo. If you have a solid source that shows it snowed in Giza, Egypt (where the Pyramids and Sphinx are) rather than tweets, it would be much appreciated.

    1. Ted, you’re right, my bad. I didn’t realize there was a replica somewhere. Just changed it. Thanks.

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