NOAA: 1st Snow of Season Possible for Lake Tahoe Next Week

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NOAA is tracking the remnants tropical storm off the coast of Japan that they forecast hitting California this Friday or Saturday.  If it does hit, they expect it to be a decent storm.  They are currently forecasting strong winds, moderate rain, and mountain snow in the Sierra Nevada.

The first snow of the season in September?  It likely won’t be enough to ski or ride but it’ll definitely help get people fired up for the winter.  In Alaska they call it ‘Termination Dust,’ in California is should be called ‘Excitation Dust.’

At this point, confidence is only medium that this storm will hit California.  As this storm gets closer, we’ll certainly bring you updates.

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6 thoughts on “NOAA: 1st Snow of Season Possible for Lake Tahoe Next Week

  1. The curse of the Major Event: Ironman will be interesting. Same thing happened when the Amgen Tour tried to start its race up here in May a couple of years ago. Tahoe doesn’t pull punches…

    1. A friend was saying it’s a curse of the major event because organizers cut the locals out of the cash flow. Do locals just reap the trickle down of purchases made when participants are up here, or is there a major fee paid based on overall event revenue? Just curious.

      1. All we get is increased hotel/food/trinket sales, a partially repaved highway, and what promises to be an absolute junkshow for anyone trying to get anywhere on Sunday.
        As for the weather, I’d prefer it stay warm for another month as the Lake is still offering pleasant swimming, and then snow for reals.

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