Squaw Valley Winter Weather Forecast 2013/14 | Colder Than Normal & Above Average Snowfall

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image:  liveweatherblogs.com
image: liveweatherblogs.com

Our partners at LiveWeatherBlogs.com have just released their winter weather forecast for Squaw Valley ski resort in California.  Professional meteorologist & long-range forecasting ninja Rob Guarino is forecasting Squaw Valley to be colder than normal with above average snowfall during winter 2013/14.

McConkey's at Squaw Valley.
McConkey’s at Squaw Valley.  photo:  snowbrains.com

Rob’s 2013/14 Forecast for Squaw Valley, CA:

– Above average snowfall

– Below average temperatures

– 500” of seasonal snowfall

– Snowiest month = February

– Coldest month = January

For the full Squaw Valley 2013/14 Winter Forecast click here:

Squaw Valley Winter Outlook 2013-2014 Meteorologist Rob Guarino

 image:  liveweatherblogs.com

image: liveweatherblogs.com

We’re certainly pleased with this forecast.  Colder than normal with more snow than normal sounds perfect to us.  Especially after the past two very dry seasons at Squaw.  This year, we could all use a little extra snow and cold at Squaw.

The KT-22 at Squaw Valley, CA.
The KT-22 at Squaw Valley, CA.  photo:  snowbrains.com

See Rob’s 2013/14 USA Winter Weather Forecast here:

USA Winter Weather Forecast 2013-14 by Meteorologist Rob Guarino | Weak El Niño This Winter


Rob Guarino is a meteorologist with 20 years of experience and multiple national awards including “National Forecaster of the Year” by the National Weather Association, 2 Emmy Awards, and Associated Press awards in three states.  He’s been forecasting for 20 years and now he has a 6 year old weather website called LiveWeatherBlogs.com.  We’ll be partnering with Rob and his site to bring you quality weather forecasts throughout winter 2013/14.

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11 thoughts on “Squaw Valley Winter Weather Forecast 2013/14 | Colder Than Normal & Above Average Snowfall

  1. Things need to change quickly if he is going to be remotely correct with his forecast. One of the driest starts to the season I have known.

  2. One small (but important) correction. Guarino won an award from the National Weather Association, not the National Weather Service and it was for ‘Broadcaster of the Year’.

    1. Whatever,,, if he’s right, give him the Nobel Pow Prize… If he’s wrong, then it’s straight to the gallows…
      I hope he’s right…. I’m so ready for winter!!!

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