Are These the 5 Fanciest Ski Resorts on Earth?

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The good life
The good life

Expensive ski resorts are something that most of us avoid at all costs.  Yet, some seek them out.  No one can deny that a lavish ski resort experience isn’t something that they’d enjoy.  Even if you’re a total dirtbag ski bum, there is something on this list for you: private powder™.

Outside Magazine put together a list of the five most luxurious ski resorts in this world of ours.  

The Five Most Lavish Winter Resorts

#1 = Courchevel, France

Reputation: the world’s most expensive ski town

Chourchevel, France.
Courchevel, France.

#2 = St. Mortiz, Switzerland

Reputation: the original ski resort

With the lake in the foreground and the mountains in the background, St. Moritz has the best of both worlds. Image courtesy of Switzerland Tour.

#3 = Deer Valley, Utah

Reputation: the place where concierges hand you tissues in the lift line

Deer Valley. photo:

#4 = Aspen, Colorado

Reputation: a downhome refuge for the rich and famous

The town of Aspen combines the finest dining, shopping, and residence with some of the best skiing in Colorado. Image courtesy

#5 = Yellowstone Club, Montana

Reputation: private powder™

Yellowstone Club = private powder.
Yellowstone Club = private powder.

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4 thoughts on “Are These the 5 Fanciest Ski Resorts on Earth?

  1. Can’t fix stupid.
    The famous don’t really go to aspen any longer. Aspen’s too crowded since the early 2000’s, the anonymity the famous sought is no longer present. And yes, there are a lot of boring nouveau riche that have moved to aspen, it’s an ego driven town, a lot like Boulder.

      1. Lol this sounds like a guy that has never been to Aspen. It goes right in to town, it’s not a gated community.

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