5 Minutes of Kirkwood, CA Powder | “This is Kirkwood”

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This video shows and brags about what Kirkwood is best know for:  powder.  Kirkwood averages 500 inches of the stuff each season.

Kirkwood generally gets the most snow of any of the ski resorts in the Tahoe region and it’s certainly a touch lighter there.  The base being at 7,800 feet doesn’t hurt.

This video gives a glimpse into Kirkwood and what it means to be there.  It’s interesting that Kirkwood is now trying to distance itself from Tahoe.  Repeatedly in this video they say, “this is not Tahoe.”

And it’s true.  It takes at least 40 minutes to get from Kirkwood to Lake Tahoe.  Kirkwood does feel like a whole other word.

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6 thoughts on “5 Minutes of Kirkwood, CA Powder | “This is Kirkwood”

  1. Best days I’ve ever had in “Tahoe” were at Kirkwood. Agree with this video all the way. Bummer that the Marketing Machine will exploit it too much. All that magic will slooowly be lost when it turns into a crowded mess like the rest.

  2. Not to mention the first chair pow day line control cluster f*** and the red headed dude at the top trying to yank your pass… Yes KW is good, but this a nice PR spin….
    Today, I’m remembering those that have served and sacrificed….God Bless

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