$8 Million in Improvements at Squaw & Alpine for 2013/14 | Exactly Where That Money is Going:

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KT-22, Squaw Valley.
KT-22, Squaw Valley.  photo: miles clark

Squaw Valley has announced that they will be putting $8 million of improvements in to Squaw & Alpine in the coming winter season.  They’ve already put $38 million into base area and on-th-hill improvements in the past 2 years.

Proposed new Squaw village model.  photo:  moonshine ink
Proposed new Squaw village model. photo: moonshine ink.


– $2 million for more snow making capabilities for both resorts

– $1.4 million for 5 new snow cats for grooming at both resorts

– $1.2 million in room renovations at The Village at Squaw Valley

– $300,000 to reduce the resort infrastructure’s carbon footprint by 10% 

Silverado, Squaw Valley
Silverado, Squaw Valley.  Photo:  Hank deVre

– $150,000 into new concert amphitheater at the base of KT-22

– $130,000 into new on mountain & valley signage

– $125,000 into a Wanderlust yoga studio

– $80,000 in race services upgrades at Squaw Valley, which will continue to benefit the ski area’s abilities to host world-class events

Miles silverado
Silverado, Squaw Valley.  photo:  Hank deVre

– $70,000 into new terrain park features for 2013/14

– $40,000 in the ski team facilities between the two resorts

– A new home furnishing store named ‘Spruce’ will open in the village

Granite Chief, Squaw Valley
Granite Chief, Squaw Valley.  photo:  Hank DeVre

“Through extensive surveying, we have heard from our guests that snowmaking and exciting vacation experiences continue to be things they are looking for at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.  As a result, we are continuing to work with the industry’s best experts to modernize the experience both on and off the mountains with the goal of making Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows two of the top resorts in North America.” – Andy Wirth, president and CEO of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows

Granite Chief, Squaw Valley.  photo:  keoki flagg
Granite Chief, Squaw Valley. photo: keoki flagg

The changes at Squaw & Alpine will continue likely for the next 20 years.  The biggest of all would be the connection of the two resorts via White Wolf.

Learn more about Squaw & Alpine connecting here:  Interview with White Wolf owner about Squaw/Alpine connection


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14 thoughts on “$8 Million in Improvements at Squaw & Alpine for 2013/14 | Exactly Where That Money is Going:

  1. So…. Not a single dollar is being spent on anything that helps real skiers.

    I can’t wait til KSL sells the place.

    Too bad they’re hellbent on ruining everything before they sell…

    I’m scared about the future of Squaw.

  2. Good work with contributed $300K to sustainability initiatives.

    It is my understanding the Room Renovations for the Village are actually being paid by the individual owners, not KSL.

  3. Tahoe resorts used to laugh at all the snowmaking at eastern resorts. Not now after
    two bummer winters Squaw can’t wait to get a snowmaking system.

    The Mt run to the base and at least one run on each HSQ need snowmaking.

  4. Vail can have the snowboarders… Squaw and Alpine can bring on the $1600 season pass for hard core skiers! Carry on lads!

  5. They are really trying to pull into the image of what the in bounds ski industry should be from Vail. What they don’t realize is what gives squaw its biggest appeal is the squawllywood image that it once held. People want to come to squaw to see the ridiculousness that exists, for those gappers that want all these amenities, stick to Nstar, leave squawllywood to the diehards.

  6. Ha, those 2 bad winters freaked them out. Most of the money into snow making that they shouldn’t even need once things are normal again.

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