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Graphics get the nod for 2013.  Pick up a pair here:  Atomic Automatic at evo.com 


179cm length = 139.5 mm(width at tip)-117 mm(width underfoot)-128.5 mm(width at tail) / 18 m turning radius

186cm length = 140.5 mm(width at tip)-117 mm(width underfoot)-129.5 mm(width at tail) / 19 m turning radius

192cm length = 141.5 mm(width at tip)-117 mm(width underfoot)-130.5 mm(width at tail) / 20 m turning radius

Rockered, Directional POWDER Ski  30% rocker at the tip, 55% normal camber, 15% rocker at the tail, tapered tip, tapered tail, normal camber under foot

Construction = Tip to tail wood core, Titanium, Step Down Sidewall

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2014 Atomic Automatic pillow popping in Japan.  photo:  zach paley

Change from 2013 Atomic Automatic = None, just graphics which are way better

Cost = $600 ($749 = minimum advertised price) for the 2013 at evo.com, 2014 model will be available in Fall 2013 at $749

Size tested = 193cm

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2014 Atomic Automatic

Number of days on Atomic Automatic 2014 ski = 32

Terrain skied = Hakuba, Japan = open faces, tight trees, spines, pillows, avy fences

Terrain skied on 2013 Automatic = Valdez, AK – Whistler, B.C. – Squaw Valley, USA – Jackson Hole, WY – Mt. Baker, WA

Reviewer = Miles Clark, Height  6’1″, Weight  170 lbs.  

Literally everything you need to know about the 2014 Atomic Automatic in about 1 minute

Quick and Dirty Review of 2014 Atomic Automatic:

Turny, Poppy, Strong for Big Mountain, Quick for tree skiing, Smooth for throwing tricks, Great for anytime there is any soft snow, a little floppy feeling at high speeds thru choppy/hard snow, skis well on groomers, my new favorite ski.

Last season, the talk surrounding the Automatic revolved around the idea of the Atlas and Bent Chetler having been combined. Get that idea out of your head. The Automatic is really nothing like the Atlas nor Bent Chetler, unless you’re listening to the guy that designed it:

This ski is a directional powder ski taking influence from theBentchetler, which is a twin powder ski, and from the burly Atlas. It has a v shape (not symmetrical, more of a pin tail) is 117 under foot, has a titanium backbone, which makes its stiff but remains light, and comes in three sizes, 179, 186, and 193. It can carve super well on the groomed, blasts through the crud and floats through the powder.  It has minimal rocker in the tail for a nice and stable feel, and full powder rocker in the tip.” – Sage Cattabriga-Alosa

Ok, so it does have “influence” from both the Bent Chetler and the Atlas, but it’ll help your brain to just think of it as a completely different ski. If you do need it compared to the Chetler and Atlas, here you go:

The Automatic is much more directional and big mountain-esqe than the Bentchetlerand not as surfy.  It’s  considerably more playful than the Atlas and much less beefy feeling and much easier to turn.

Video of Miles (blue jacket) skiing the 2013 Automatic at Rusutsu ski resort on Japan’s north island.

After over 100 days on this ski in a large variety of terrain and conditions between last year and this year, I’ve fallen in love with the Automatic, and for good reasons:

This ski is quick. This ski is nimble. This ski is agile. This ski can charge big lines (think Alaska). This ski even does well on groomers (it has enough sidecut and camber to make groomers fun).

The above reasons are why I’ve been so impressed by this ski. It’s kicks ass in the tight hardwood tree skiing of Japan and can also handle skiing the wide open faces. I haven’t tried any other ski that can do that

The ability to ski tight spots and wide open faces comes from the skis wood core with Titanium strips. This construction makes the ski poppy, snappy, reactive, stupid fun, and confidence inspiring. When you bend this ski, it’s snaps back the catapults you into your next turn. It’s a crazy fun feeling that I’ve not experienced with any other big pow ski.

After saying all this about the Automatic and adding that it also is a good ski for doing tricks, makes me sound like a dopamine laden reactionary. I’ll say it anyway, because it’s true. The Automatic is good for throwing tricks. C’mon, Sage isn’t gonna make a ski that doesn’t cork 3 well, is he?  It feels a bit center mounted and this makes for easier spinning and flipping.

Video of Sage on the 2013 Automatic in Alaska last winter.


Where they excel:  deep snow, tight trees, big faces, large hucks, throwing tricks, pillows.

Where they hold back:  going super fast thru choppy or uneven hard snow (these felt kinda squirrelly coming out of the Chimney) they can start to feel a touch soft.

The Bottom Line:  Since I received the Automatic in January, I haven’t ski my Atlas nor Bent Chetlers again once.  This is my new favorite ski.

Sizing:  Im 6’1” and 170lbs and I like the 193. For everyday/every condition I’d likely go for a 186. If you’re smaller than I am or a bit less aggressive, I recommend the 186. Sage skis the 186.

Mounting: I’ve now tried both right on the Team Line and one centimeter forward. I like right on the Team Line best. One centimeter forward did make the ski more turny, but this ski is pretty damned turny already.

If you’ve got any questions for me about the Automatic, throw them in the comments and I’ll get to ‘em.

 Pick up this ski at evo.com:  Atomic Automatic Ski at evo.com

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  1. Hi, im 5 feet n’ 7 inces (170cm) what length should fitt me best, love riding in woods and deep powder. Want those skis.

    1. Hey RandomSkier,

      I’d recommend the 179cm size for your height. If you’re a heavier guy, then 186cm.


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