Huge Storm Headed to South America- Up to 3 Feet in One Night!

Spencer Miller |
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Corralco, dressed nicely in white.  Photo courtesy of Corralco Resort de Montaña 

Keep your eyes peeled because Nevados de Chillan and Corralco could see snow totals of over five and six feet, respectively, in the next two and a half days.  Much of the accumulation will occur  Friday night.

Portillo, Valle Nevado, Las Lenas, and Cerro Catedral will also see showers of over a foot in the same time period.  

It will be a deep weekend in South America, to say the least!



Portillo= 11″

Portillo hopefully seeing a good dusting on Saturday. Photo courtesy of


Nevados de Chillan, Chile = 57″

I can only dream of what Sunday will be like after the mere 36 inches that might preface it… Photo courtesy of

Valle Nevada, Chile = 17 “

Valle Nevada should see some Saturday action with over a foot in less than 24 hours.  Photo courtesy of

Corralco, Chile= 71″

Another supposed big winner this weekend- just look at Thursday to Friday.  Photo courtesy of


Las Lenas, Argentina= 20″

Hopefully some early weekend fun in Las Lenas.  Photo courtesy of

Cerro Catedral (Bariloche), Argentina= 26.8″

A steady forecast for over two feet coming their way? We’ll see.  Photo courtesy of

Cerro Castor (Ushuaia), Argentina= 8″

Not much going on here, but maybe a coating late Friday night.  Photo courtesy of

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