Alps Conditions Report Video | Long Lines in 3 Feet of Snow on Oct. 11th & 12th, 2013

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The Alps got nuked on this weekend.  HIntertux & Kaunertal in Austria were open and this weekend.  Kaunertal had to close down on Friday after receiving 100cms (39”) of new snow.

The boys at got out there and got after it and it was good.  Mostly glacier skiing on mellow terrain, but who’s gonna complain about thousands of vertical feet of mellow, deep powder skiing in October?  Not us.

The forecast for Austria’s high country looks a bit funky this week with snow on Tuesday and Wednesday but that certainly isn’t any reason to not get up there and grab a few turns

Hintertux Forecast:

Hintertux, Austria  forecast
Hintertux, Austria forecast

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