Alta, UT Report: Firm, Fast, Fun, and Wiggly

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Report from March 30, 2021

2 days ago, it got really warm in the Wasatch – 50ºF+ – and everything melted.

Last night, it got really cold.

It was 0ºF this morning at Alta.

Alta in all its glory. image: snowbrains

Needless to say, things were a bit firm today, and there was no one out.

I showed up at 1 pm, and things were getting softer with the sun and warmer temps of about 20ºF.

The groomers were great.

Mt. Baldy wiggle! image: snowbrains

Firm, fast, fun groomers, and there was even a wiggle under Mt. Baldy that was a real challenge in the firm snow.

I had a blast.

It doesn’t hurt that I haven’t skied much in the past week due to a knee injury, but regardless, I was stoked today.

Mt. Superior, UT from Alta. image: snowbrains

Skiing fast, having fun, and singing random songs stuck in my head.

I rode the chair with a guy who’d summited Everest, and his stories were wild.

Alta is gonna be crazy fun this week as temps warm way up into the 50s and spring skiing starts for realz.

Happy Spring!

Snow Numbers:

image: Alta, 3/30/21


image: NOAA, 3/31/21

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