Alta, UT Report: Skiing Into The New Year

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Alta Report
Ski blades on, stoke high. Image: SnowBrains.

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Report from January 1, 2021

To ring in the new year, we brought out our ski blades and had a blast at Alta. We woke up bright and early, so stoked we could hardly sleep. We showed up around 8:30am and ate breakfast in the car as we waited for open. We lugged our ski blades up to the Wildcat lift and strapped in for awesomeness.

Alta Report
Ski blades ready on Wildcat. Image: SnowBrains.

The line for Collins was fairly long due to holiday crowds, so we lapped Wildcat for the majority of the day. We had fun sending it off jumps and lips while goofing around on our blades. There was not new snow, but it was still great for carving and there was minimal ice, which was nice because our ski blades definitely need tuning. Trying to avoid the Collins crowd, we explored Sunnyside and Sugarloaf and had fun in the trees around Devil’s Elbow.

Alta Report
The view from Sunnyside lift. Image: SnowBrains.

Let’s pray for more snow and safe skiing. Happy 2021!


Snow Numbers:

Alta Report
Image: Alta. 1/1/21


Alta Report
Image: NOAA. 1/1/21


Alta Report
Phil goofing around on blades. Image: SnowBrains.

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