Alyeska AK, Conditions Report: Sunny-side Up

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Hoot-worthy spring holidays at Alyeska.
Ralph Kristopher photo

No need for poacher worry during this hallowed segment of Alyeska’s season. Everywhere’s equal in this sun-warmed slush fest.

Soft, empty terrain and all day to ski it.

Conditions were clear and moving more clear as light top winds sustained to allow upper mountain layers to soften under basking sun. Picture google tans, cheery music, and children forming snowmen. Spring draws ski-family to the forefront.

Spring! …at Alyeska AK.
Ralph Kristopher photo

Alyeska Outer Areas took a sideline seat to this day’s mainstay: the groomers. Section by mountain section, saw lanes of primo corduroy gradually soften beneath Thursday’s brilliant sun.Snowpack was weighty, but more than worth the leg-powered effort required to spread that crystal-corn goodness every-which-way one might roam. With the current weather pattern stablizing atop Mount Alyeska, locals, travelers, and pond skimmers alike next turn to Saturday’s much anticipated, Slush Cup/Spring Carnival, 2018.

The year’s season closing, at Alyeska Resort, should be one for the record books. Better book your festival stay today.

This is Paulie at Girdwood advising: SPF 30(at least) and SKI!


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