Amazing AK Video from Chopo Diaz and Drew Tabke

Daryn Edmunds |

This edit is the first in a series created by South American skiing sensation Chopo Diaz, current FWT Champion Drew Tabke, and their buddy/cameraman Claudio Vicuña. The good people at The North Face helped send these relatively unsung heros of freeskiing to the final frontier ok AK to do some camping and shredding sans helicopters.

I like the way they build up the trip and the candid way that both Drew and Chopo talk about their excitement and fears before and during the adventure. It is a side of these guys that you never get to see in person. During competitions they are both always so quiet and confident that you would never think they get nervous. I guess the shear size and steepness of AK can rattle the nerves of even the worlds finest freeskiers:)

I look forward to seeing the rest of the series when it is released and to watching Drew kill it on the FWT again next season! Golf clap for top notch editing of this mostly lifestyle intro episode as well.


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