Angle of a Double Cork That You’ve Never Seen | TV Commercial with Bobby Brown

SnowBrains |

It’s amazing to ride along with Bobby Brown as he throws a casual double cork on a big park jump.  The kid is smooth.  Double corks clearly aren’t a big deal to him anymore.

We’d like to see the setup that got this shot.  It’s apparently attached to his helmet with a counter balance and a joint that allows the gopro to stay in one position as Bobby spins and flips.  It’s clearly an angle we’ve never seen before.

We suspect that this won’t be the last time we see this angle.  Once this rig gets out and variations are created, we expect to see some amazing park and big mountain footage from rigs like this one.

The angle provided makes it look like someone is jumping through the air, very close to him, and filming all the while.  Killer angle.

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