Arapahoe Basin, CO, Selling Off Lengths of Haul Rope From Legendary Pallavicini Chair

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Pallavicini, Arapahoe Basin, colorado
Base of Pallavicini. Image: Twitter (@themoens)

In addition to auctioning the last two Pallavicini ‘Pali’ chairs, Arapahoe Basin, CO, will also offer sections of the Pali haul rope for purchase. The new lift opened on December 20th, 2020.

The haul rope will be sold in 3-foot pieces for $20. Additional pieces will be sold for $2 per foot. Whether you’re interested in creating a work of art, constructing something for your home, or looking for a memento of The Black Jewel, visit the website today to secure your piece.

Haul rope must be picked up on-site at Arapahoe Basin, you will be contacted via email after purchase to schedule your pickup. (Note: Pick up emails may take 1-2 weeks to be sent). There will be no refunds or returns.

Additional one foot section can be purchased HERE (must have a 3-foot section in your cart to be able to add and purchase a 1-foot section.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the pieces of haul rope? (Dimensions, weight, etc.) – Haul rope is the thick, braided metal rope you see when you look up on a chairlift. It will be sold in 3-foot pieces unless otherwise discussed with the resort. After the purchase of 3 feet for $20, every additional foot is only $2. 3ft of haul rope is approximately 9.5 lbs.

How do I pay for a piece of the rope? – You must purchase pieces of the haul rope online, there will be no on-site sales. After online purchase, pick up will be on-site at Arapahoe Basin. You will be contacted by email after purchase to schedule your pick up. (Note: Pick up emails may take 1-2 weeks to be sent)

Will you offer a payment plan for the haul rope? – Unfortunately, we are unable to do this. You must pay for the rope in full at the time of purchase.

How does pickup work? – Haul rope must be picked up on-site at Arapahoe Basin, you will be contacted by email after purchase to schedule your pick up. (Note: Pick up emails may take 1-2 weeks to be sent)

Can I purchase haul rope on-site? – You may purchase haul rope directly on-site. When you pick up your piece of haul rope, you can purchase more.

Will you ship me the haul rope? – No, you must pick up your haul rope onsite or have someone you trust pick it up for you.

Pali has a vertical incline of 1,329 feet, takes about seven minutes to ride, and reaches an elevation of 12,130 feet. Riders have spectacular views of Keystone, Highway 6, and the Loveland Pass when on the lift. For instance, if a rider looks directly behind them, they will see The Professor, one of the most intense backcountry chutes on the Loveland Pass. First-time riders will commonly experience goosebumps on this lift as the terrain directly under them is “rugged big-mountain terrain [and] 40-degree pitches”. Nonetheless, the Pali lift is promising of a great time and unbelievable views.

Most recently, in the summer of 2020, Arapahoe Basin completely restored the Pallavicini lift. Even though it is still a fixed-grip double, the lift received some much-needed improvements, including a safety bar and a silver-steel finish that doesn’t need to be repainted every few years. Over the course of the summer, helicopters could be seen dropping new towers into the ground, and the main parking lot was stocked with new chairs and terminals. Arapahoe Basin stated that:

“We thought about a detachable high-speed quad for a hot minute, then decided the Pali Lift should continue to match the Pali terrain… Your legs will appreciate the slower ride to the top and your soul will appreciate not over-crowding the terrain”.

The construction and final installation of the new Pallavacini lift were done swiftly to ensure that riders would be able to access all of its terrain for a 42nd consecutive season. In late July 2020, by the time the old Pali was completely out of commission, A-Basin decided to auction and sell off the old chairs. Proceeds from the four auctioned chairs all went to non-profits in Summit County, while chairs that were sold went to individual customers for $2,500 apiece. The chairs weigh 129 lbs and stand up to ten feet tall, but can be shortened to five feet by removing the hanger. Taking home a piece of Pali is one of the best ways to spice up some housing or yard decorations and immortalizes one of Colorado’s greatest experiences.

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