Avalanche Conditions on Donner Peak, CA = Still Dangerous

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This is a video and report of avalanche conditions on Donner Peak in Lake Tahoe, CA yesterday, Wednesday, December 11th, 2013.  The results of this snow pit test show that avalanche conditions in the Tahoe area are still dangerous.


Surface hoar has formed in many of the sheltered areas on Donner Peak. These thin feathery snow grains represent the snowpack equivalent of frost. Below the surface the recent snow rests above the Dec. 7th facet layers. In the Donner Peak area today, collapses and whumpfs still occurred as this layer failed, but they were less consistent and smaller than those that occurred in other areas over the weekend and earlier this week. Snowpit tests did indicate that if this layer does break the resulting fracture can travel along this persistent weak layer.

As with other places around the forecast area, the snowpack is shallow and unsupportable. It is difficult to travel on the snow without hitting rocks or other buried obstacles. 

Photo 1: Surface Hoar  on a N aspect at about 7000 ft.

Photo 2: Snow cover or lack there of in one of the chutes off Donner.

Video: ECTP 10 on a NE aspect at 7400 ft. I also got an ECTP 15 and ECT 13 in similar nearby areas. – Sierra Avalanche Center


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