Avalanche Death in Snake River Range, ID on Dec. 26th

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Avalanche on Taylor Mountain, WY the day before the two deadly Wyoming avalanches. photo:  tukadika.com

The same day that an avalanche took a skier’s life on Jackson Hole’s Pucker Face, another avalanche took another life in the Snake River Range.  The day was December 26th, 2013.

There was also a natural avalanche that occurred on Taylor Mountain, WY on Christmas day that involved no humans (see photo above).

Upper Palisades Lake stock photo.  photo:  summitpost
Upper Palisades Lake stock photo. photo: summitpost.org

The Snake River Range avalanche occurred at 2:45pm on December 26th and involved a 39-year-old snowmobiler.  The snowmobiler triggered the avalanche in the Upper Palidsades Lake area (about 15 miles west of Jackson, WY).  He was buried for 10 minutes.  His rescuers/friends performed CPR but were unable to revive him.  Air Idaho Rescue arrived on the scene and confirmed the death at 3:37pm.

“The avalanche that took snowmachiner Anderson happened on a NW facing 36-40 degree slope at an elevation of 9500′.  The avalanche that took skier Kazanjy happened on Pucker Face, an East facing 45+ degree slope with an upper elevation of 10,300′.” – tukadika.com

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jack bauer
Snake River Range, ID. photo: jack bauer

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