“Avalanche Warning” Issued for Colorado Today

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CAIC's Avalanche Warning today and tomorrow.
CAIC’s Avalanche Warning today and tomorrow.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) has issued an “Avalanche Warning” for the San Juan mountains of Colorado for today and tomorrow.

If you plan to ski backcountry in the San Juans today or tomorrow, don’t.  Go ski at Wolf Creek or any of the other 6 ski resorts open in Colorado and stay in bounds.  Backcountry travel is NOT recommended today in the San Juans.

The CAIC has issued an avalanche warning for the San Juan’s. A significant storm slammed into the north and south San Juan Mountains over the last two days. Strong winds with close to 24 inches of new snow fell during this storm cycle. Natural and human triggered avalanches are likely to very likely near and above treeline today.

Backcountry travel is not recommended at this time. The San Juan Mountains could see a cycle of large to even very large avalanches today. Some of these could reach valley floors.” – CAIC


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