Well Played! Mt. Bachelor, OR Responds Perfectly to Misaddressed ‘Adult Love’ Suggestion!

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Mt. Bachelor, OR responded perfectly to receiving a letter clearly not meant for them, by offering free tickets to the sender.

The resort received a letter from fans of the TV show “The Bachelor” with recommendations of how to improve the show, specifically suggesting an over 50s show, because “young adults love watching older love”…

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Credit: Mt Bachelor

Here’s the letter in full:

To whom it may concern

My family and I are avid bachelor and bachelorette watchers, and we have enjoyed every season. We have a great idea for another branch of the bachelor/bachelorette. Our idea we would like to suggest to you is bachelor/bachelorette 50+. This type of show would appeal to bachelor nation because the majority of the viewers are young adults and love older love. College students love moms and dads and want the best for their single, middle-aged mothers and fathers. This would be a grand opportunity for middle-aged senior adults to find love and happiness. Thank you for your time and I hope to see this air soon in the near future.


Mt. Bachelor responded perfectly. Well played!

What do you reckon, would you watch a 50+ Bachelor series?!

Mt. Bachelor’s summer season begins June 15, 2019. Services and activities will be available daily, weather permitting, through Labor Day Monday, September 2, 2019. Biking operations may be limited early in the summer based on snow coverage.

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