Backflip Record Still Holds – 43 Years Later!

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Warren Miller Capturing the Moment
Courtesy of Jennifer Jelliff, 1975

Valentines Day, 1975 in Ski Acres (now Summit Central at Snoqualmie, WA), sixteen skiers were able to hold hands during a unison backflip! It took a few tries and finally they got the number up to 16 people doing a backflip in unison, breaking the previous record held by the “Flying Coyotes”, with eight jumpers in 1974.

Northwest Skier Cover
Courtesy of Northwest Skier Magazine

One of the major difficulties with a stunt like this is timing, and trying to figure out how to get 16 people going the same speed altogether down the slopes and towards the jump, all while holding hands.

Sponsors like K2 and Solomon got involved in the event and even up and coming filmmaker Warren Miller. The unison backflip record still holds in the United States to this day.

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