Bariloche, Argentina Conditions Report: Springtime Bliss

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Aimee slashing corn yesterday. photo: snowbrains

Cerro Catedral ski resort in Bariloche, Argentina was crazy fun yesterday and has been full on springtime bliss the past couple of weeks.

The snow was perfect corn everywhere on the mountain and it never got sticky yesterday.

Miles very small backflip yesterday. photo: snowbrains

The leftovers of the World Cup Snowboard Cross in early September has made for super fun little jumps and hips and walls that the locals are flipping and spinning off like crazy.

A few other jumps have been built into some of the natural wind-lips in the Del Bosque area (the snow is still so deep up there) that make for a run consisting of at least 9 airs including one over a fence line.

Miles claiming it hard over a fence while grabbing his crotch. photo: snowbrains

Too fun!

Spring has sprung here after seeing the end of 33 powder days in a row earlier this month.

Aimee 180º yesterday. photo: snowbrains

Catedral will close most of the mountain for the season on Monday.  

Catedral will operate the gondola and Diente de Caballo and Del Bosque lifts until October 8th, 2017.

Our last day here will be tomorrow.  We’ll have gotten in 52 days since August and it’s been unreal!

This was the best season here in Bariloche since 2010.

Loving it! photo: snowbrains


image: catedral, today


image:, today


Aimee slashing corn yesterday. photo: snowbrains

Miles slash. photo: snowbrains

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