Bariloche, Argentina Report: Some of the Best Tree Skiing on Earth…

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Report from August 15, 2022

It’s been storming here at Cerro Catedral for the past 3-days.

Fierce storming at times with 1-inch diameter snowflakes – or clumps of snowflakes – coming down hard.

The mountain has been more or less closed for 3-days due to fierce winds and avalanche danger.

Happy campers. image: snowbrains

Somewhere around 3-4 feet of snow had already fallen by the time we awoke today.

It’s even been snowing in town to the tune of around 6″ the past 2-days which, in general, is a rarity here.

We got up on the hill early this morning with potentially misplaced hopes of something opening and us getting in some bouncy tree skiing on the lower mountain.

Deep creek. image: snowbrains

We got lucky…

The Sextuple opened right away.

We jumped on right at 9am and there was no line…

We squirreled our way out into some trees we know and love and had one glorious, long tree run in heavy but violently fun powder.

The tree skiing here is world-class.

Early morning moon and big, low snow w/ Manu. image: snowbrains

Old growth deciduous tree with no leaves (Lenga trees), no tree wells, gorgeous hanging moss (barba del diablo), and wide-open spacing.

In my opinion, this is some of the best tree skiing on Earth.

We blasted the 2,200-vertical-foot tree and bamboo run right back to the base of the mountain with crooked smirks on our faces.

We’d gotten what we came for…

On our way up the chairlift, we’d noticed the wind seemed to be picking up – as it was forecast to.

Near the top of the Sextuple. image: snowbrains

By the time we were back at the bottom, the Sextuple had closed and we decided we’d pulled off a win and headed home.

The forecast continues a bit windy the next 2 days then the sun is supposed to make its first appearance since last Thursday this Thursday.

Or maybe Friday.

Pablo likes the homemade pizza he and Juanchi made! image: snowbrains

Regardless, it’s gonna be a great week.

We’re resting up, going over our gear, and getting fired up.

Much more to come.

Gracias, Argentina.

Snow Numbers

image: catedral, 8/15/22

Snow Forecast

image: catedral, 8/15/22

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