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The Bay Area Snow Park has finally released details about its plans for its potential future artificial snow park.  They’ve also launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal to raise $1 million.

Many people have been waiting a long time to see the plans of this Bay Area Snow Park.  We’re all curious, many of us want this to happen, it’s very interesting now to see the plans and see how this project may work:


An outdoor year round eco-friendly synthetic snow school where you can learn to ski or snowboard.

Available 365 days/year

Softer to fall on then hard packed snow

This no grooming surface is consistantly consistant.

You can learn quicker.

Snowflex is better then snow, because you can practice all day everyday and this can give you the advantage against others that can only practice during the winter months.

Letter to our supporters,

It is with great excitement I present the Bay Area Snow Park for your consideration. Bay Area Snow Park is revolutionary idea in the snow sports industry.This page proposes a preliminary framework to the supporters of this campaign toward the achievement of a common goal.

The Bay Area Snow Park Project will attract millions of Bay Area residents and Tourists.The project has tremendous growth potential -evidenced by social media attention and over 25 thousand unique visitors on our social media network history.With our community support, we have identified an ideal site in San Jose and we will present for the City Council’s review.

Our proposal has sound fiscal management, self-sustainable development of a community snow park.The snow park will attract families in California and tourists from all over the world to San Jose. San Jose Snow Park integrates with the City’s expansion policy of recreational activities at Singleton Property.In summary, San Jose Snow Park will bring investment, profits, increased business revenues, and family activities to the City of San Jose.

We anticipate $1 million and $18 million for project completion, including retail and restaurant sites in our stretch goal. The project is sized to the amount of funding raised from this crowd-source funding campaign. With the support of the City of San Jose and the millions of snow sport enthusiasts we will bring this project to life. The business model is setup to return a percentage of profit back to local high schools through college scholarship awards for the winner of our after school ski programs, demonstrating our commitment to partnering with local schools.

I would like to dedicate this project to the supporters of local snow sports. Please join me supporting implementation of Bay Area Snow Park in 2014.

Martin Benik

Executive Director

Snow School Inc.

Executive Summary


Snow School is dedicated to providing year-round family entertainment in eco-friendly snow sport parks that are safe by design and environmentally friendly, cost- effective, and geographically ideal for convenient suburban locations.


Worldwide currently there are more than 50 fifty year- round snow sports facilities operating in 40 forty countries, including the U.S. and six other continents. Nationally there are 15 fifteen million snow- sport customers and over $10 billion is spent annually on snow sports. In the U.S. Ski areas 60.54 M sixty-one million visits occurred in the 2010/11 Season. Regionally, the over ½ million snow sports enthusiasts make over 11 eleven million annual ski visits to the Tahoe basin.Our initial projected park annual capacity of 270,000 ski visits represents approximately 9% of the Tahoe basin market. Bay Area Snow Park projects 37,850 annual visitors, which is <1% of the TAM.


Leading- edge synthetic materials are now available that simulates real snow and provides realistic feel and control for even the most discerning enthusiast. These synthetic surfaces feature a unique shock absorbent layer, giving providing it a responsive feel. Complex features and shapes can be formed to provide the versatility of these materials an innovative snow sports experience will be provided. These synthetic materials have proven themselves both technically and commercially in a wide range of slope operations worldwide. Three U.S. Olympic training facilities use this technology.


Our park will provide an innovative snow sports experience year round to customers of all ages. We will provide a realistic ski resort combining an artificial slope, along with restaurant, bar, apparel retail areas, ski rentals, ski lessons and corporate events.Our family fun centers will be a place to entertain groups, families, friends, and school functions.All of this combined will provide new jobs for the city. Snow School park will provide snowboard, skiing, tubing, as well as affordable lessons and other activities. Customers will be able to enjoy the traditional past times of snow parks without having to endure the associated expenses (i.e. travel, gas, snow chains, accommodations, and costly lift tickets etc.). Snow parks bring national notoriety by hosting events such as X-games, Dew Tour, Red Bull events, corporate events, contests, concerts, weddings and birthday parties. We will reach out to youth- sports programs, including middle and high schools, to provide alternative action sport programming more opportunities to the youth of San Jose.


There are six theme parks and destination locations in the Bay Area and eleven ski parks in the Tahoe basin.There are no public, year-round snow parks on the west coast.The closest public, year-round snow park is located 2,700 miles from the Bay Area in Lynchburg Virginia so competition remains close to null.


The company will raise $1MM to $18MM in funding for the Bay Area Snow Park through crowd-source funding campaign will begin park pre-marketing and promotion, while capturing our existing pipeline consumers.

CURRENT STATUS:We have a structured dynamic management team to meet the needs of this exciting and adventurous opportunity. We will bring an updated proposal to the City of San Jose by January 2014.

More info about the surface:

Eco-friendly synthetic snow surface
Eco-friendly synthetic snow surface

GOAL:   Raise funding through the community to show support for building a Snow School in San Jose.

How big will the slope be?

The size of the park will be dictated by the amount money we raise! We can build a small park or larger and set the standard for the nation.

$1MM approx. 25,000sqft of slope ~200ft long and ~100ft wide.

$4MM approx. 90,000sqft slope ~400ft long and ~200ft wide.

$10MM approx 150,000sqft slope ~ 650 long and ~200ft wide.

Our stretch goal:

$18MM approx 200,000sqft slope ~800 long and ~220ft wide.


Over the next year, while you wait for the City’s planning process to take place, you will be able to VOTE each month on current aspects of the design of the ski slope and features of the building.

Each month you will have 3 options:

1. Choose one out of 3-8 options Snow School comes up with each month.

2. Submit YOUR idea, special request, slope feature, OR design your own mountain on our website and vote on it. Or “Sponsor Vote” your Friend’s design.

3. VOTE on the TOP COMMUNITY IDEAS!!! These are designs, ideas, features, and special requests that YOUR community has VOTED on as MUST HAVE THIS!!!

ALL VOTING WILL START on Valentines Day Feb. 14th 2014. So come show your love. At the end of this campaign you will receive an email confirmation and further instructions.


More about tickets and passes.

After we’re open:

Daily lift tickets: $37

We will never offer season passes so pledge today to get yours, instead we will offer a monthly membership.

Memberships: $60 per month + $200 on-time initiation fee 

Access to Snow School’s Waiting List for tickets and passes. We will never offer season passes in the future. Instead we will offer a membership with a one-time initiation fee of $200 and then $60 per month. This offer has an annual value of $920. You can expect delivery of your passes as soon as permits are issued, approximately early 2015. All incentives are transferable and non-refundable. At the end of this campaign you will receive an email confirmation and further instructions/updates.


Capital Expy and Hwy 101
Capital Expy and Hwy 101

Snow School

Conceptual Park Design
Conceptual Park Design

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The main challenge is getting a permit. We have a remarkable team of experienced professionals across multiple fields that have been working together for 5 years to accomplish a common goal, building a snow park in the Bay Area.

Each person in our team has experience in specific aspects of this project, which include Architecture, Engineering, Business Development, Accounting, Construction, Dirt Brokering, Project Management, Consultants, Graphics, Programers, Marketing, Public Relations, Media and Legal

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