[PHOTOS] Bigfoot Sighting in Snoqualmie Valley, WA?

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Credit: Carolyn Day

Carolyn Day was hoping to capture photos of wildlife with her trail camera in Snoqualmie Valley, WA, but ended up with more than she expected.

While reviewing her footage she came across images of what appears to be Bigfoot walking in the forest.

“I just checked my camera that is deep in the woods behind Mount Si in the Snoqualmie Valley… either there is a sasquatch in the area or I’m being expertly pranked.”

– Carolyn Day Facebook post.

Online comments vary from she’s being pranked, she’s pranking us, it’s just a man, or it really is the Sasquatch himself. What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “[PHOTOS] Bigfoot Sighting in Snoqualmie Valley, WA?

  1. They’re not very photogenic. And just shy. But I’m sure they’re very nice once you get to know them.

  2. It’s the craziest thing. Why is it that a clear crisp photo of the Samsquanch has never been taken? These things only appear in blurry, blown out exposure photographs.

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