“Super Snow Moon” to appear this weekend

Martin Kuprianowicz | | BrainsBrains
Photo by Kym MacKinnon on Unsplash

A “snow moon” will appear from this Friday evening to Monday morning — and not just any snow moon —  a SUPER snow moon. The full moon that comes in February is traditionally known as the “snow moon,” despite its inability to actually affect snowfall patterns.

It’s called the snow moon because it’s a full moon that occurs in winter’s snowiest month, and it will peak at 12:34 am PST on Friday morning, Feb 7. But don’t worry, there will be plenty of great lunar views all weekend long.

This month’s full moon is being labeled as a supermoon by experts because it will be one of the biggest moons of 2020 and it will look especially large during lunar sunset and sunrise. On top of the super snow moon, a rare glimpse of Mercury will be visible in the western horizon roughly an hour after sunset, and Venus will also be more visible than normal this weekend.

With much of the United States and Canada getting impacted with snowfall from now up until the weekend, it’s an excellent weekend for powder skiers and stargazers alike.

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