Brain Post: The Science Behind Why Men Prefer Blondes:

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Marilyn Monroe skiing on sand in Nevada, men prefer blondes
Marilyn Monroe skiing on the sand in Nevada

There’s been a lot of speculation on this topic over the centuries. Many of the brilliant -ologies of our society have tried to explain this very simple phenomenon: “Why do men prefer blondes?” There are guys who will always say that they prefer brunettes, or redheads, or black haired gals, but a girl with bright blonde hair is still going to make him double take.

So, why? Why is it that blondes demand this attention from men? Well, the best reason we’ve seen lies in human evolution. And yes, human evolution is behind nearly everything we humans do.

Marilyn turned heads, men prefer blondes
Marilyn turned heads

The main reason why men prefer blondes is hidden deep in our subconscious. So deep, in fact, that we have no access to the reasoning, yet the reasoning has full access to us.

Pin up blonde from the 50s, men prefer blondes
Pinup blonde from the 50s

Blonde women generally have light skin. Light skin shows defects more easily than darker, more pigmented skin. Thus, when choosing a mate, light skin gives us an advantage.  With one look, we can quickly determine if the blonde female has any diseases that are visible via the skin. If a female mate has a disease that is visible through the skin, that disease could lead to infertility and that is a big no-no for reproduction. Don’t forget folks, it’s all about fertility and reproduction. Not to sound base, but there are only 2 things that matter in this world:  sex and eating.

“In summary, I suggest that gentlemen prefer blondes in order to enable them to detect the early signs of parasitic infestation [disease] and aging – both of which indirectly reduce fertility and offspring viability.” – Dr. V.S. Ramachandran

Marilyn bear attack, men prefer blondes
Marilyn bear attack. Don’t see any disease here.

Another talked about reason why men prefer blondes is that they show signs of aging more easily. Men are more attracted to women who are young (think fertile) than women who are old, so if a gal is giving men an easy way to decipher her age, they’re gonna like that.

“Again, I suggest that blondes might be preferred not only because the signs of aging occur earlier, but also because the signs are easier to detect in them.”Dr. V.S. Ramachandran

Marilyn "skied", men prefer blondes
Marilyn “skied”

Thus, a blonde girl is a potential mate that can quickly be examined and cleared for many of the hideous diseases that have plagued humans over the millennia and we can check her age more easily at the same time. Hence, men’s affinity for blonde women. Does it work in reverse? Do women prefer blonde men? Probably. And probably for the same reasons.

Marilyn love snow in downtown Chicago, men prefer blondes
Marilyn loves snow in downtown Chicago.

So now you know at least a little more about why blondes turn heads.  Thanks, science.

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185 thoughts on “Brain Post: The Science Behind Why Men Prefer Blondes:

  1. Most blondes are brunette ,naturally that it I’m not sure what that means when applied to the stereotype you endorse.Unless you meant most (Natural )Blondes are brainless and are only making slurs regarding Swedish ladies only and the roughly 10% of Western women who retain light coloured tresses into adulthood. Somehow I doubt that.

    To clarify , what you actually mean is “Most brunettes who choose to colour their hair blonde are brainless and clueless” I suppose you could try to rescue this statement by saying brunette women who decide to exercise free will by dyeing their hair (how very dare they!) are dot dot dot but you are still claiming its brunettes who are “brainless” .
    Are you brunette by any chance, Sir?

  2. Maybe humans prefer white skin. Wild animals however normally prefer dark skinned mates. Even lions prefer dark haired males. Skin color is a marker the female uses to evaluate the health of a male. Dark maned males have higher levels of testosterone. This helps them to produce healthier Cubs. Wild animals with autoimmune diseases such as leucism or albinism don’t survive or reproduce in the wild.

  3. Well I can say narural platinum blonds can be very gorgeous but not fake platinum blonds!! Marilyn Menroe was gorgeous and she was naturally auborn thats brownish red hair. Madonna was a natural brunette with redish highlights so i nreality it seems like men prefer natural brown redish haired girls with fair skin that go platinum from a bottle. However now that everyone is going blond as of lately I think natural redheads are becoming the most desired. Because they are becoming the most rare because with everyone going blond guys dont know whos a natrua lplatunum blond or not anymore.
    With that said redheads should be the most desired. My redheaded friend gets wistled at wherever she goes Idont and Im an ash blond. Shes the one they gawk at and want to meet not me. Shes the one that has all the eyes on her not me or my brunette friends. So I believe the natural redhead is the new desire and when they go platinum blonde look just like MArilyn menroe because MArilyn menroe is closer to a a natural redhead then anything else.!! And ,y friends wh i is a redhead is the shyist and wloves helping people and has never gotten drunk or smoked in her life and shes the most sweetest of all my friends!! Shes extremely soft spoken and mysterious!!

  4. I would say from what I’ve seen men prefer an natural brunette or ash blond over a natural redhead or platinum blond which are always lighter naturally then an ash blond or brunette. Natural platinum blonds and natural redheads the lightest of all are not preferred. Even strawberry blonds a mixture isn’t preferred it’s the darker ash blonds and brunettes that get all the attention who mostly bleach it all.over in the summer but still men choose them the most so Marilyn menroe and Madonna are proof of this who were both brunettes or at least more dark ask blond.

  5. Hi I am Sanjana,
    I have a crush on a boy who is blonde with blue eyes, He talks to sometimes. Do I have a chance being an indian girl with long black hair and black eyes?

  6. hmm could you all be having a dumber convo right now than hair color??? bahahha bunch of fucking idiots. I am a 6ft blonde and proud of it.

  7. This is scientifically inaccurate. I believe this post is an opinion. In “evolution” if something is chosen more often in the past then it will be more widely present in the current. Most the population has dark, or brown hair. Therefore one can correctly assume that our subconscious prefers dark hair. As did our ancestors. The preference for blondes in some men would more correctly be attributed to what some have commented: It stands out in a crowd. In addition, each era has preferred traits blonde hair has not always been preferential through out history.

  8. This article is total garbage, everyone is becoming an evolutionary specialist these days, how can you explain the evolution of a “blonde preference” gene (which doesn’t exist) and would of needed thousands of years knowing that white populations and others were segregated for the most part ?

  9. I don’t know what the evolution really is but since I was single from 22-31 I dated TONS of women, both blondes and brunette, and can say that blondes are generally lighthearted and less prone to drama and mind games, vs. brunettes who can become very fiery, especially Latina, Italian, etc. This is not to suggest blondes are less intelligent – my wife is blonde and EXTREMELY intelligent. On the flip side, brunettes get wetter. Blondes for some reason are the only women I’ve ever had to break out the KY Jelly for.

  10. Men put natural redheads in the same category as a blond because of the very pale skin porcelian the only.difference is the redhead has more brown spots covering it up and thats when the blond becomes more desirable and then not to mention the blond just looks more angelic I know this cause Im a natiral redhead and this is what most white guys tell me but boy when I ware a swimsuit Im very noticed cause I have the palest off all skin colors.

  11. Lay off the crack rock and go take a course on evolution at your local university you unworldly trollop.

  12. With all the noise going on here, I see that I must restate a few facts. I am not sure how the original article conflated hair and skin color as preferences, but men definitely prefer light-skinned women. Have you heard the expression, “fair young maiden”? Is there even such a thing as a “dark young maiden”?

    Look at the women Black men choose when they have money (apart from Obama, who obviously married Michelle for political reasons): they most often are are White. Tiger Woods or Kanye West are only a few of the successful Black men who show this preference. Men marry upward (hypergamy) by choosing younger, lighter women; women practice hypergamy by marrying richer, stronger men.

    This pattern occurs all over the world. There is *not one* culture in which darker-skinned women are preferred by men. I personally have seen Korean women, working in the fields, all wearing bonnets to protect their fine complexions. Also, Chinese-American women in Boston carry parasols for the same reason. This goes far back, beyond that hateful “European colonialism”. Japanese ladies from early times whitened their faces with rice powder. The only case of which I am aware in which darker skin is preferred, is when White women want to show how much leisure time they have, by getting a tan. Even then, it is a light tan.

    I am at this point not sure *why* lighter skin is preferred, given all the arguments above. I do know that every woman I have ever seen would have been less attractive with darker skin. JeB

  13. Just imagine a blonde, famous or not, with dark eyes and dark hair. Just ugly. Brunettes have the best features, and don’ t have to get yellow hair or blue eyes to look “prettier” or “sweet”.

  14. Late to the party but…I lived in London for many years and really the natural blondes were not as glamorous looking as the bleached ones and very few people bleached their hair (till punk). I have only met two natural platinum blondes in my life. I was always stopped in the street for having very blue eyes, very dark, almost black hair and pale skin. People thought I was Norwegian. Actually my ancestry is Irish/English/Danish. I was always told I looked very innocent so I think a lot of those things you attribute to blonde hair are just depending more on the person’s face, etc. My mother was an auburn-ish brunette with brown eyes and looked 20-30 years younger than she was her whole life due to fantastic bone structure. I highlighted my hair as I grew older to hide the grey as dyeing dark hair all the time is difficult and my mother’s hair turned a gorgeous, silky platinum color which I hope mine eventually will too. It looked amazing with her dark brows and eyes. I think it is a matter of what looks good on you and nobody should get you to change your color if you don’t want to. It’s only hair.

  15. I think your article is not science, but opinion. Not all men prefer blondes first of all: When walking with multiple boyfriends who claim a preference for brunette, even a striking blonde woman couldn’t turn their head, and the brunettes could. When I bleached my hair blonde, I got much less attention than when I have darker hair.
    Besides, why would a man see a woman’s hair first instead of her skin? In all my life, I’ve never happened upon a man who checked out my hair before looking at my face. Or even seemed to notice my hair at all. And I’ve read nor researched any article that says men notice a woman’s hair to the exclusion of the face in first greeting. If there is one, kindly direct me to it.
    Your theory of men preferring blondes is based on the Standard Evolutionary Model, which is not proven to be accurate (just standard), and is based largely on scientific experiments done well over 100 years ago.
    Men prefer blondes due to blondes being idolized in popular culture. It’s just that simple. Your cognitive bias is causing you to rationalize your preference for blondes within your own belief system. It’s circular reasoning and, therefore, illogical.
    Thank you for reading.

  16. They are talking about skin color and complexion. Light skin doesn’t mean necessarely blond hair. That’s a weird article. Is it they wanted to talk about black/white and didn’t want to seem “racist”?

  17. Many of these women with Blonde hair are Not Blonde to begin with since they Changed their hair color quite often.

  18. I’ve always thought blondes very, very ugly. Especially artificial blondes. People will try to claim “Oh, you’re just jealous,” but I’m sick of young girls thinking they must be blonde, or they’re ugly. This entire article is flawed. No credible evidence to back up anything that was claimed. I’ve checked polls around many sites, and they all had much higher votes for brunettes of men’s preference than blonde. Blonde is too pale and dull, and it looks childish. Blondes typically have a sickly pale skin tone, sometimes with freckles, and weird reddish undertones. Dark or black hair illuminates a radiant shine and really makes eyes pop. I have never understood why masses of women ruin their gorgeous dark locks for such a homely color. I’m happy with my black hair, golden skin, and very blue eyes. I find brunette much more feminine than blonde, and, I hate to generalize, but the first thing my mind comes to when I see a blonde is stuck-up. Just my opinion. Stay womanly.

      1. Hello

        In own experiences (that’s the only thing i can speak from) Blondes acting
        “stuck up” is not unusual. They believe that they are special (they certainly were
        when i was in high school) and that “the sun revolves around them on them”.
        Over the years i have come to the point that i would prefer anything that’s blonde.
        This of course does not mean anything as it regards to reality in that i have met not a few
        blondes that appeared to great people with character.

  19. I am Latina and I have blonde hair and brown eyes, yes I’m a natural blonde although people don’t believe me including my husband, he prefers dark haired, dark complexion women, he thinks all Latinas have black raven hair and black eyes and tan skin, I’m pretty pasty white but I can get a great tan. I won’t dye my hair dark because it makes me look mean and common cause of my strong features. My hubby is a redhead and pasty white with freckles so I guess he likes the opposite anyway I love being a blonde and in the summer time my hair shines and my tan shows, I feel like a goddess, I think women with dark hair look too boring and they’re bitches, most anyway. I’m a straight woman and even seeing a blonde woman catches my eye! And I’ll compliment her on her hair color, blonde is definitely beautiful and I’m not just saying this cause I’m a blonde but because I highly believe it,I love men with light hair, either blonde or redheads, I never go for dark haired men even if they’re very hot looking.

  20. Pseudo-science article with no basis in reality. Light skin shows defects easier, but it’s also more prone to all kinds of skin cancers. If healthy genetics is what makes it attractive then by that logic lighter skin is weaker and thus less attractive.

    Second of all it’s definitely not true in the reverse, because darker skin and hair in men signals higher testosterone, and higher testosterone signals a stronger immune system and higher attractiveness to women.

    1. Surprised no one stated the obvious here. In America white women are placed at the top of the racial hierarchy and the whiter the better so of course blue eyed blondes are considered the epitome of feminine beauty and the highest prize. It’s not science, it’s socialization.

  21. Gosh amazing how people can go on about hair colour so much….at then end of the day a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, yes people have their type, whether they prefer the dark look or the light look but you can go for someone who would not normally be your type if they attract you with their personality, smile, figure e.t.c. Really guys and gals you are all being silly!

  22. You are all wrong Ms. Monroe was a redhead named Norma Jean. Men perfer blondes yes, BC they are honestly for the most part more of parties. Guys go after women they can get. Hate to say blondes are easier BC they are actually brunettes w low self-esteem henceforth dressing like hoes, getting boob jobs, dyinv their hair. They want attention BC they never got much before the changes. I am from a broken home I too got noticed more as I dyes my hair blonde my hair is auburn. So I agree it has to be the genes. Like bigher boobs get noticed BC it screams I am fertile. Plus, if you wear a big headband like I did ppl can’t help but look. Like if there is an obese woman in the room. Don’t wanna offend anyone.

    1. I think you’re quite right. Blondes are notorious whores (rather it’s true or not, that’s the stereotype), seeking of male approval, so men automatically assume they’ll be easy to bed. I got a lot of attention when I colored my hair blonde, but it was mostly from unintelligent, uninteresting, trashy guys who I wasn’t attracted to. When I switched my hair color to red, because I think red hair is the most beautiful, I attracted a much higher class of guy–smarter, bolder and more interesting altogether. Real life experience certainly trumps this person’s article supposedly supported by evolutionary science that makes no sense. If men are instinctively looking for young, fertile women, why would they be attracted to someone with the hair color that most closely resembles the white hair of an elderly woman? Nope.

  23. I like brunette hair best on both sexes. I like dark black-brown curly hair on guys and either very pale or brown skin. I am pale as in VAMPIRE pale with dark brown hair and blue green eyes. I get a lot of stares now I’m back to brown. As a blonde I was noticed at first then it all became normal. I stopped getting looks. It looked yells and washed out. I look young as a dark haired. I am 30 and been told I look 20-24 with this hair – as a blonde, no one questioned my age, not that 30 is old though! Blonde hair looks great on some women and I think women over 50 look gorgeous blonde look at Jane Fonda! But I personally prefer rocking the vampire look!

  24. For there to even be a preference of what hair color a guy likes more is so idiotic. A woman who is cute with whatever haircolor will get any anttention. Guys will have sex with anything. Blonde, brunette a redhead or even purple hair, i would not be worried about attracting a mate.

  25. The reason why men prefer blondes is simple. Because blonde colour is associated with Gold and Gold is a symbol of Wealth and Power. Therefore having blonde wife is a symbol of high status status for men. This is why blonde women is coveted by men.

    … I know, it doesn’t make sense and irrational. But human mind works by way of symbolism and associations. Human beings are Irrational creatures!

    1. I could see your point of view but i feel like some blondes are plain looking. I havent seen a really super attractive blonde yet

  26. No they just like us blondes because we are so much prettier than those ugly brunette and fugly redheads.

    1. You are a perfect example why men do not prefer blondes. Your self-praising narcissism is a complete turnoff. Sorry, but your blonde hair can be had for $6.95 at Walmart. Natural or not, you are nothing special. Brunettes are way way hotter than blondes, and redheads are even hotter.

    2. Nope, men only like you because they think you’re an easy lay. The common stereotype is that blonde woman (rather natural or fake) are notorious whores and are overly eager to please men. This may not be true, but it’s how blondes are viewed. And if you look at any online poll, you’ll find most men prefer brunettes, just as Brunette Lover said. I’ve had both blonde, brunette and red hair and while I attracted a lot of undesirable attention as a blonde, from trashy, creepy guys I had no interest in, my red hair attracted just as much but from men of a higher caliber.

      You’re just gonna have to accept the fact that blonde hair is just not that interesting or attractive anymore. Maybe in the 50s, or in Nazi Germany but not anymore.

  27. Wow, most guys I know prefer brunettes over blond by a very large margin. For quick sex or a one night stand, go for the bubbly blonde. They are easy, fun in bed, and usually horny.

    I notice as well that the author of this piece is displaying blondes from the 1950s which are likely unknown to younger people. I do  know for a fact that Marilyn Monroe was a natural brunette and not a blonde. These days, you have blonde women dying their hair brunette

    YOU may prefer blondes, but most men don’t.

  28. I’ m a blonde guy and I like raven haired girls. A lot. Extra points if they are pale with hazel eyes.
    The blonde girls I dated…stupid, boring, and narcisistic

  29. I’m a pale brunette, a ver y pale one and raven haired, and I look very young because of muy features. I don’t need to change muy hair color like every freaking woman in earth.
    The most blonde girls I know are more convencional, boring and brainless, and have an idiot superiority complex. Natural or not. I don’t know why but it’s true 🙁

  30. Red heads always do it better and I mean natural red heads with green eyes, fair skin and freckles!
    I always see men looking at them more then your bleached fake blonde type

  31. If you look for them, there are also articles on studies stating that men, or wealthy men specifically end up with dark haired women, or that men really want long, brown hair.

    I don’t think anyone really knows what the preference is of the entire world, not just caucasians who probably do prefer blondes, but one thing I have noticed is that a lot of blondes can be arrogant about their looks and obnoxious and loud, while dark haired women can be serious and quiet. Although this can stereotyping, there is some truth to it. The actor Harry Hamlin once said he always had problems with relationships until he married a brunette, Lisa Rinna.

    I don’t think the qualities of daintiness and femininity are exclusively blonde qualities. That’s ridiculous. Read the book METAMORPHASIS by David Kibbe and you’ll learn of the different physical types, and hair color isn’t the main factor.

  32. Oh also just because something is recessive does not mean it is likely to die out in a population because recessive genes can be hidden behind dominant genes so recessive genes can reappear where as dominant genes cannot. Probably the Caucasian look arose in the population because people with that genotype were much healthier in a snowy environment than darker people who were suffering from vitamin D deficiency. The main thing ancient man would have been looking for in a mate would be health. Probably the predominance of blonde hair blue eyed people in Scandinavia is because they killed all of the more melatoninly endowed in thier populations, jk but it’s just as reasonable as sexual selection. Albinos are killed to this day in Africa, red heads were often killed in Europe, and Caucasians definitely made a good go at ridding the world of Americas indegenous population so maybe in ancient Scandinavia families of blondes waged bloody war against brunettes and eliminated them from the region and since it happened before writing, no one knows about it.

    1. This is a silly article about how some men apparently have a thing for blonde girls/women. In my opinion, a lot of this apparent bias, at least amongst some western men (such as some men in the USA), is most probably due to these men being exposed to social messages (both overt, and more commonly, subliminal) that suggest that blondes are better (“have more fun”, “more angelic”, etc), white (skin/”race”) is better, and all of that bullshit.

      I’m certainly not saying white people are inherently bad, or that blonde people are inherently stupid, just that I believe most of these notions are also the result of socialization and enculturation from an early age.

      Think of it this way: If a girl is blonde and grows up her whole life being made to feel simultaneously like she is stupid/dumb and superior to other girls, solely because of her hair/skin color, then she may have an attitude problem, unless of course she is strong willed, cognizant of the outside forces inflicting these erroneous notions upon her and able to push back / resist them and prove herself. I have seen some ladies who actually try to go further in the other direction, pushing themselves to new heights of academic/intellectual achievement, and/or actively being humbler and less egotistical than many other people.

      Of course, I don’t believe the blonde/white thing is as strong a force in upbringing of a girl as is, say, sexism, but given ridiculous articles like the above, and the reinforcement of these stupid vapid notions through subconscious imagery from equally ridiculous and fallacious movies, TV shows, internet videos, magazine photos and articles, and newspaper articles, which continue up through the present, I must be forced to accept that this thing is still some kind of a strong force.

      I also see people dragging race and racism into this, and all I can think is:
      Were you all never taught that race and racism are artificial, social, constructs?
      Because they are.
      We may THINK “race” exists in reality but the truth is generally more complex.
      Take an anthropology or sociology course at your local community college if you don’t believe me.

      People who “look” like a certain “race” may have some more dominant genes inherited from people in that part of the world associated with that “race”, but they may also have genes from distant ancestors of different “races” who would have looked much different. So, looks can be red herrings, and actual scientific studies prove that the so-called “racial differences” between people are not nearly as genetically significant/different as, for example, different breeds of dogs (who by the way are still in the same species, as of course we all are). I would say this also helps lend credence to the idea of marrying/reproducing “outside of your race”, since I would wager that scientifically, your kids are probably likelier to be healthier and more physically fit (more likely, but probably not 100% of the time) than kids of two parents “of the same race” (i. e. genetically more similar) who get together.

      Also, people of “mixed race” can be hard to identify or categorize. I think this is a great thing, and I am actually more attracted to people who look obviously “mixed race” for this reason; that is hard for narrow-minded people to automatically put them in some stupid category, and thus automatically judge them out of hand, except for (of course) the racists who will simply reject them altogether. However, I would discount the opinion of any racists, since it shows ignorance and hate far more than knowledge and understanding. And, since when was the opinion of a racist about race ever demonstrably correct in terms of any true morality? I have yet to see an example and doubt same exists.

      Anyway, leaving aside social enculturation, subliminal messages in popular culture, sexism, and racism, I will now throw my own wild card into the ring:

      I am a guy who is not particularly attracted to blondes, or white girls in general (although I have several blonde and/or white friends who happen to be good, upstanding people, and I have been known to be attracted to the occasional blonde girl or white girl from time to time). I seem to be mainly attracted to brunette girls (preferably with brown hair of any shade, although black hair is also OK), and particularly brunette girls of “mixed race” with tan skin (not light at all but not extremely dark). I also have a thing for girls with green, grey, or blue eyes, although brown eyes are OK too (it’s not all about looks, for me its a bit more about who someone actually IS as a person). However, these are the looks that really get to me, and girls who look like this really turn my head more than any other girl.

      OK maybe I’m the odd man out, I’ll allow it.
      Maybe I have some kind of problem by being so specific in the “look” of a girl that I find most attractive, OK.
      However, I can turn that right around and ask the accuser if they have a “look” of a person that they find most attractive.
      Again, a look just means physical attraction, nothing more.
      A girl can look jaw-droppingly gorgeous but, when she opens her mouth, and with her behavior, turn out to be a complete psycho who I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole (this very rarely happens, but has happened to me once or twice). Or, she can be a nice girl who is just not my type in terms of personality (depending upon the degree of compatability, we may be able to still be friends, or perhaps not if our personalities clash, but that’s not the same as a person actually being evil). Or, she can be the most amazing girl I’ve met (or one of them) and then I start crushing on her in a huge way.
      I guess I’m getting too judgemental here, but know this: I would not expect any girl to judge me any less critically, nor would I fault her for doing so. I believe in the golden rule.

      The people on here who say “it’s not really about looks” in terms of real attraction and real relationships have hit it right on the money: love is blind, despite the stupid frat-boy or junior-high-school mentalities of some people who think they can just callously criticize the way a lady looks, or her age, and put peer-pressure on their friends to think/act the same way they do towards women etc etc (yes, disclaimer: I have also been attracted to older women from time to time, and although age is a not a huge factor for me, I am basically mostly attracted to girls my own age, or a couple years older or younger).

      Anyway, this screed has become less and less about “why men prefer blondes” and more about “what I happen to like in girls” (in terms of looks; more important attributes are way too complex to address in this article), and so I shall leave here, hopefully giving you the friendly thought that yes, there are guys out there for whom “blonde-ness” or “white-ness” is either not an important criterion, or is in some cases less physically desirable!

      In other words, if you’re blonde and/or white, don’t feel bad; as long as you’re a good person there’s nothing inherently wrong with that (on the very rare occasion that you AREN’T a good person it still doesn’t have anything to do with blonde-ness or whiteness, but rather is either your upbringing, the absence of part of your brain, the effects of trauma, simply your own personal decision, or any of the above!).

      it’s different strokes for different folks, and it’s almost guaranteed that out of the many men attracted to you, there will be at least one worth keeping 🙂

  33. My whole life I’ve heard that blondes are more fertile and I think it is the worst junk science I’ve ever heard. For one, what is thought to be attractive changes with culture and time and 2. What is blondes are more fertile suppose to mean? That they conceive more easily or simply have more children? Fertility rates vary considerably based on culture and even the economy. White people have considerably less children than minorities. The only thing this pursuit proves is that there is considerable bias in science that anyone with half a brain can see. What a throw back to the days when science attempted to prove that black people were inferior. I think the only smidgen of truth is that some blonde hair is very noticeable but I think black hair elicits the same response, as it also looks glamourous and shiny. The only reason I don’t have gorgeous jet black hair is because I wear too much black and you have to be careful what you wear with black hair. There are attractive and ugly people of all types.

  34. It starts with how men prefer blonde, then all of sudden they conclude that blonde=white, and explain why men prefer WHITE GIRLS. Seriously, I didn’t even read anything that have to do with hair, everything is about skin and what white girls normally deal with. All of those diseases are shown in whiter skin which what normal blonde would have. If anything, this article want to secretly prove why white girls are better. I don’t know if the writer is racist or what, but you’d better be careful of what you’re saying.

    1. Completely agree. The writer is obviously a blonde white girl. Forever, blonde white females have been told that men prefer them, and that is simply not true. Many guys have gone for blondes because that has been named as the “trophy”. As the white population has decreased in Europe and America, the “preference” has decreased as well. Worldwide, BRUNETTES are preferred over blondes.

    2. Right, I’ve examined many polls online regarding what men prefer. In almost all of them, brunettes had many votes, and blondes barely had any.

  35. This article is complete nonsense. I was part of the study at YALE. Over 2000 men were polled and questions. The most sought after woman was the one with brown hair and light skin and blue eyes. Yes men may take second looks at blondes, however to pair up and bare offspring it was overwhelmingly 90 percent brown hair blue eyes. Article is nonsense.

  36. I’m an Italian brunette (darkest brown hair to my waist) with olive skin and hazel-green eyes.
    No blonde could ever be more of a bombshell. I have actually had grown men get on their knees and bow to me in public. 20-year-olds still hit on me and I’m 50 years old! Like many Italian women I also have an hourglass figure, with a 13 inch waist to hip differential, even smaller than the supposedly ideal 12 inch differential.
    I’m also a double D, with a heart-shaped ass. Basically I look like an Italian goddess.
    When a man sees me, nothing else is going to turn his head. Men may double-take at blondes because their bright hair catches the eye. But I have seen many times the look of intense envy from blondes when I walk into the room, and obvious insecurity around me. Blondes always feel a brunette will get the man. hence the “Gentlemen marry brunettes” cliche. In Roman times prostitutes bleached their hair blond to signal their availability. Blondes are more approachable. and therefore less threatening. Usually I am about ten times smarter and funnier as well. My personality is effervescent when I’m happy, and I have been told repeatedly that I am beautiful and sexy when I’m angry. I look about ten years younger than I am and act younger than most women my age also. Blonde hair may be a more youthful look, but a Brunette is more womanly, and mysterious. My experience is that men like long hair, and that is actually more of a fascination than a specific hair color. The ultimate tantric, powerful, sexual dynamic is supposed to be “Mother/Son”, meaning an experienced woman with a less experienced man. That is a difficult impression for a blonde to create. Usually only insecure men prefer blondes. It is part of our racist aesthetic also that blondes are a status symbol. Usually that type of man just wants a very young looking woman. To me that smacks a bit of the kind of creepy, deep insecurity that is part of a personality type that is like a pedophile. They need to feel they are older, more experienced, smarter, and have a psychological advantage over a woman. A seemingly young and dumb partner makes them feel that, and many blondes seem younger and dumber than they probably are. Beauty is what men like. Blondes tend to be plain and look washed out when they are not wearing makeup. A beautiful brunette will beat a beautiful blonde anytime with most men. Playboy does a reader’s poll every year about men’s preferences and the responses usually indicate a preference for medium brown hair and blue or green eyes. Like for example, Kate Middleton. However, in recent years the trend has definitely been more toward darker hair, with medium skin, and light eyes. Nearly all of our Miss Americas have been brunettes. Go figure. Ironically I am totally attracted to light haired men. Most girls prefer tall, dark, and handsome. For me that describes my dad and my brother! So yeah, I prefer men with light brown hair, and blue eyes. lol

    1. I agree. I was a blonde a year ago, very platinum too. At first, men looked and everything etc…then I got fed up, no one was looking anymore. I became very plain and washed out and I looked older. I am pretty, but I couldn’t be bothered anymore ..etc…I dyed my hair brown, last month and men look stare and do double takes again, In the UK I think guys prefer brunettes, although my OH likes blonde hair, he is into Jennifer Aniston. I been told I look like a young Monica Bellucci with my hair like this. I’m 30. But he is just not into it as much as blonde. He is Arab from Turkey. This makes me insecure and thinking about dyeing my hair blonde again or at least making the ends blonde. I dunno, men are such a nuisance!

    2. High five, girlfriend. I love my long dark/ black locks as well. I’m white with Native American. I would never ruin my hair with a bottle of bleach. I’m so happy that you mentioned the pedo part…I’ve finally found someone who agrees with me on that. Light blonde hair literally reminds me of a little girl.

    3. You sound like an incredible beauty….too bad your ugly egotistical opinions of yourself is all anyone will see….

  37. “I’ve seen PLENTY of brunettes , Hispanic ,and Asian women that look old before thier time.”

    Not unless they smoke or drink heavily, and even then black, Hispanic and Asian women still age better than white women. That’s a scientific fact. If you see a black, Hispanic or Asian woman and think she looks old, she’s probably 20 years older than you think she is.

  38. First off I don’t agree with this article, I think men are attracted to what they like. I don’t think that the majority of men prefer one type of women over another. Everyone is an individual and they like what they like. Science has nothing to do with what you prefer.

    What I don’t understand is , why men are belittled and considered racist if they are more attracted to lighter blonde women yet society praises them when they proclaim they prefer brunettes and other ethnicities? Also I see the same thing over and over again about how blondes age faster than other people , yet I’m a blonde my family is full of blondes and we all look young. I think that only applies to those that bake themselves in the sun and try to achieve an unnatural tan. And I’ve seen PLENTY of brunettes , Hispanic ,and Asian women that look old before thier time. So that is a bunch of BS.. These articles are just social engineering projects pumping out bogus statistics and skewed studies to the masses.

  39. Another dumb, biased article. Especially since lighter skinned people are more prone to disease, aging earlier, and acne than darker skinned folks and also because anyone can dye their hair blond nowadays so its no longer rare or special.

  40. Ithink it’s because their hair glistens in the sun, it makes them stand out, and their skin appears to glow, it makes them look angelic.(no, I’m not a blonde, but always wanted to be.)

  41. I don’t really know what to say I mean I think all women get a lot of attention but I am blonde and have blue eyes but nobody seems to notice or even cared so I don’t really think blondes have most attention. But I don’t know about other blondes.

  42. I know many, many ugly blondes with bad skin and cellulite and many, many very attractive brunettes. But yes, the blondes get more attention because their hair is lighter. That’s all. It is good to have an ugly blonde around because the men come to the group then notice the beautiful dark girls.
    And, uh, no, women do not prefer blonde men. LOL.

  43. I’m a natural blonde, in my 30s and its still bright light blonde. I don’t think men like me more because of ithe, it’s like someone said before it just stands out more. But I do have to admit that I am a bit diditzy sometimes, but I know plenty of brunettes who are too. My IQ is above average at 140, but I am treated like a dumb blonde. I don’t mind because sometimes I am! I have only dated 1 blonde man though, I don’t see many around. .

  44. Men prefer blondes because like red heads they are rare. The majority of the population is all the same. Black/brown hair and brown or green eyes.

    1. What? WHICH men? Blondes are not rare in California where I live. Of course, they are not natural blondes, but almost every white female is a blonde. And theyare usually alone or in groups of other blonde females. Blonde guys are almost undateable here. Even blonde females do not date them.

      Hair colors are only rare when CVS is out of hair color.

  45. Are you guys stupid well if course blinds stand out cause it’s white but guess what not all people like blonds and plus when you look closely on a blond they ted to be ugly sometimes but Dark hair is damn sexy and it makes you look on Point then blonds I use to be a blond until men stop caring so then I turned to dark hair men started asking me out I looked damn good as a dark hair I never went back to blond never again 🙂 So all men out there darker the hair is better you find in sex or pleasure 😉

  46. I do see a lot of guys prefering blondes over any other type of hair.And I think it is because blonde hair gives this angelic,submissive,kind,bright note,makes the person appear as such-even if though the person is in fact a total bitch,manipulative,etc.With redheads and brunettes one would expect a little bit of intensity, passion, drama, but not with a blonde.You look at a blonde and say “He/she, a drama?Never.They look too angelic for that.”
    Blondes are indeed a fascinating “species”, cause you get to enter this world, where you discover colors of the other person, you didn’t imagine they have.
    I’m a natural dark haired, dyed red, and my ex boyfriend now prefers my blonde ex best friend.His ex, the woman he dated before me,is also blonde.So he prefers blondes.And I’m sure he would’ve prefered it for me to go blonde too…but I like red and my natural hair too much.
    I agree that blondes are awesome however I hate it when a guy I’m totally into will instead date the first blonde he lays eyes on.Brunettes and redheads like to get admiration and atention too.

  47. No it’s not dumbass Black and Brunette is the best blond girls make them look old but dark hair makes you look fresh and Young 🙂

  48. Oh come on. It doesn’t need science to explain a beautiful girl. Blonde or brunette. But blondes are more rare. That’s the only thing.

  49. Interesting i suppose but if i am correct men prefer brunettes, despite what our society or the media imposes. ( unless ur in sweden!!!) Lol

  50. This is a stupid info it doesn’t explain nothing but crap if you people agree are hypercritical a d need help there are so many Beautiful Black hairs Katey perry, Kim kardasian there so Beauitful with black hair and plus blond hair makes you look old and if you look closely on a blond there ugly and a bunch of dumbasses they age bad so if the world was only white it will be boring 😀

  51. eh, whatever you’re saying . . . I just prefer ’em on skis ( and kinda cool to see Marilyn doing the sand ski thing! )

  52. I’m a natural brunet and love my hair 🙂 I love all hair colors on other woman if long as it suits their personality, I honestly keep thinking to die my hair back blonde because I do a lot of dumb stuff and talk like a blonde and not smart ahaaa

  53. Wow, everyone is so biased lol. You can tell the comments that bash on blondes were written by a brunette & the comments bashing on brunettes were written by a blonde. All hair colors can be gorgeous if it goes well on the woman. Of course skin tone, eye color, etc. all play a part in how the hair color appears. I am a natural brunette, I have always had brown or black hair but I have been very blonde for the past few months and I love it. I feel I get the same attention as a blonde as I did with brown or black hair. A lot of things play a part in why I or any women may get a certain amount of attention or “double takes”. For example, eye color, eye shape, her smile, her skin tone or even her personality may be what really attracts to people. If men did prefer women with blonde hair, it is because blonde reminds a person of youth. A lot of children are blonde or have very light hair, as they age, hair generally gets darker. Men like blonde because it reminds them of fertility. Again, all hair colors are beautiful, I’m sure every one of us may have a little bit of a personal preference but that is just opinion, not science.

  54. I’m a blonde but not a natural one. I have dirty blonde hair but highlights. I wish I could be a natural one but im not. but I could pass as a blonde. but im a blonde with highlights just not a natural one. that’s okay cause Madonna and Marylon Monore weren’t natural blondes either.

  55. You can all suck out because brunettes are beautiful, and will always be. Although stupid guys pick blondes, the best men choose brunettes. Who ever writes this things has issues with what lies beneath the subconscious.

  56. Hello

    Always preferred “busty” brunettes. I am dark haired Caucasian man with hazel eyes
    and muscular (most of the time). Dark haired women are more “exotic”.
    Blondes are a dime a dozen. A busty blonde is so hard to get ( and so probably
    used up) that i never gave them a second glance. Always blondes are attracted to me.
    Real bummer.

  57. Many people have dark hair and extremely light skin.
    Infact, most Caucasians have dark hair.
    This article is nonsensical.

  58. I think there are just too many variables for this article to be accurate, it really depends on where and how you where raised. If, for example, you were raised in a house consisting of only brunettes or the only people you admired just happened to be brunettes you would most probably grow up to prefer brunettes. However, it’s not just blondes and brunettes -if you were Chinese and you were raised in an environment where whenever a black haired girl with dark skin walked by the fact that she was “pretty” was re- enforced onto you by those around you you would most likely prefer someone of that description.
    I did not mean to be racist, I simply used Chinese as an example.
    Also I am blonde however I tried my best not to favor blondes in this reply.

  59. I am pretty sure most woman prefer black haired guys, and red head guys, and a dark brown haired guy too.

    1. I love a red head boy *-* and no blonde, black or brown haired guy would be able to take my eyes off him. I truly don’t love him for his hair color, I love his hair color because I love him. Before I met him, I’d never found in hair color any fascination. But his rad hair suddenly became the most beautiful hair in the world. The ability to desire which I have as a human being allows me to feel this for him, after I opened my heart because I love him. Nonetheless, right now it’s truly sad how people listen more to their instinctive pleasures than to their heart.

      1. From your comment, you are dating his hair and you fell in love with his hair. It was the defining thing that made you pick him. Can I guess that you are between the ages of 18 and 22?

    2. I prefer dark-haired, dark-skinned men with beards and thick eyebrows. I’m highly attracted to Jewish or Italian men. I have black hair and golden skin…

  60. To the last comment . Anyone can be bitchy not just brunettes ? &’ what’s this with blondes having fair skin ? Every blonde I know had real tan skin &’ almost white hair &’ the guys would choose them over me any day . I’m fair skinned , I have natural black hair , &’ hazel eyes . I get a lot of attention from guys til a blonde walks by . Them I’m history .

    1. Dark hair and light eyes? Sounds beautiful, but as a natural blonde, I have to say that it seems that no one like blondes anymore.. I think men just like women-fair, dark, blonde, brunette. I can tell you one thing for sure- when I have dated a guy that preferred brunettes, I dumped him because it made me too insecure

      1. I think you should date a boy who like women, and not hair color lol.

        If he made you feel bad just because of a hair color, he’s an idiot or maybe you is too insecure and need to rethink your values Most normal people don’t care for hair color. If the person is pretty or has a good personality, the hair doesn’t matter.

    2. @-A Your first “question” isn’t in fact a question… Rest is just ignorance, not thinking, too much with selfishness/hatred! “Every blonde I KNOW had”…”has” or “had”? Now, OBVIOUSLY those girls got a TAN from STAYING IN THE SUN. YOU HIT THE JACKPOT: fair and brunette (don’t know about hazel, however when I searched “eye color sorted from light to dark” I got multiple results on what your eye color REALLY means and how it comes…) are dark colors instead of the brain-preferred light colors.

    3. Those “blondes” you know with really tan skin are likely not naturally blonde, but rather brunettes who bleached their hair blonde, as many non-blonde women do.
      Of course them being naturally brunette, they will still have brunette features even after dying their hair blonde and/or wearing blue eye contacts.
      Most natural blondes(especially very blonde) have very fair skin that tans very little or not at all.
      I’m a natural platinum blonde with bright blue eyes, and I have extremely fair skin that doesn’t tan at all.
      I do have to be very careful in the sun even in cooler cloudier climates as I do burn very easy and don’t tan at all.
      My daughters, sisters, and mother are also naturally platinum blonde with bright blue eyes and have extremely fair skin that doesn’t tan at all.
      All my blonde friends are also fair to extremely fair skinned.
      My husband and sons have brown hair and bright blue eyes and somewhat fair skin but nowhere near as fair as me, my sisters, and mother, and their skin does tan some

  61. The following celebrities are NATURAL BLONDES !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Angelina Jolie ( she dyes it brunette )

    christina hendricks ( she dyes it red )

    leighton meester ( she dyes it brunette)

    sofia vergara ( she dyes it brunette ) sofia vergara said she’s a natural blonde and that she dyes it brunette to look more stereotypically Latina for the show modern family.

    Olivia wilde ( she dyes it brunette )

    Dita von teese ( she dyes it brunette )

    Katy Perry ( she dyes it brunette )

  62. There is alot of mean things said about blondes in the last year on the websites. That men prefer brunettes. What they don’t realize is the there are many more brunettes than blondes so of course men are going to wind up more with a brunette than a blonde. If there are two blondes and 20 brunettes in a room maybe the personality of the blondes is not what he wants and maybe he gets it on better with one of the brunettes. To go strickly on hair color is ridiculous.

  63. This was obviously written by a blonde with bit of a blonde bias. Blondes are a weaker, recessive gene. They are more prone to skin cancer and eye disorders. Ask any doctor. It is not true that men prefer blonde. They may get more attention because of the brightness of their hair but not because it looks better. It would be the same as seeing a shiny black sports car next to a old yellow car, you may still notice the yellow car first but not because it’s better. Most blonde women have a superiority complex, and this article proves this. Try to be more humble and down to earth, like brunettes.

    1. @Brian anyone with fair skin is at risk of skin cancer not just blondes & I know many brunettes that have rotten , bitchy personalities

    2. Hmm your hate genes are showing here. Don’t confuse the fake Hollywood bottle blondes with the real deal. Most natural blondes age quite well and are highly intelligent. Go to any of the Nordic countries, eastern European countries, etc. and you will easily find an intelligent highly educated beautiful blonde. You need to get out more. By the way the most wrinkled women I’ve ever seen were brunettes.

        1. @dc Good for you! :/ Yes all men have their own PERSONAL OPINIONS/PREFERENCES, however blondes (light) are scientifically more attracting than others! Which’s one instantiate from a legitimate website I read that went in LONG, great detail for why the brain is made to like lighter colors more, possible reason for the hatred of blacks, so naturally MORE go towards them. Also, presumably the lack of melanin “brings out the beauty”…

      1. Women from the anglosphere are almost always natural brunettes once they pass teenages. Most of those bitchy blondes with superiority complex are the rotten blondes from the anglosphere (US, UK,Australia, Canada, etc) who believe they are superior for something they even didnt have by nature lol. Natural blondes have usually softer personalities and are more down to earth/sweet and shy. Try having a conversation with real blondes from europe.. norwegian, danish, dutch, german, swedish, icelandic, finnish, czech, belgian,etc… and you will notice how humble they are. Fake blondes dye their hair and the next day they notice how much more attention they get and suddenly they become 100 times more selective with men. Lol. Thats the huge difference between entitled fake blondes from the anglosphere and natural blondes from Mainland Europe/scandinavia.

        1. I rather have a fake blonde s then a real hair blonde. White woman dhow a lot of hate. It’s funny they only show love to black hogs men. I so sick of hearing about black and whites. Theses two groups are so overrated.

        2. @Elio I read like two other of your replies which I say “AMEN!” to, I’m just choosing this one since it states what I found out. (website below) Which’s 100% non-biased, especially compared to another website made from 2-3 guys, mainly about manipulating/brainwashing female brains because of a leak about basically how a female brain works…especially for sex! :/ One of the dudes made three world maps that ranked ass, breast, and easy to fuck based on “certain” criteria from highest-lowest. Sweden got either second or third in the first two followed by a so-so!

      2. Thats only because brunettes are 95% of the population. Of course you would see more dark haired women with wrinkles because they are the majority. Blondes are only 2% of the population which is why you haven’t seen as many with wrinkled skin. Aging has nothing to do with hair color solely, it’s a mix of your genes.

    3. I think blond and I think Fox News yuck. My last girlfriend was blond. She was the only republican/conservative I had ever gone out with. I was attracted to her face, eyes, and body. I’m a brunette type of guy and seem to be attracted to Asian and black women the most. Maybe cause I’m Hispanic and those are exotic? Blond just seems so boring and republican. Based on my experience of… one, yeah blond women (especially republican) do tend to have a superiority complex. I asked her what she thought of me when she first met me. She said she thought I was nice but was not interested because she thought I was like a plumber, landscape, blue collar guy. Why? I dress well. I make good money as an aerospace engineer, but she just assumed I was something else because I’m Hispanic. I thought it was very curious that she would always compare us and our dancing to other people and talk about how we were the cutest couple or the best dancers there.

    4. Blondes do not do it for me at all. Every blonde I dated in high school looks 20 years older than me today. I find that when they are natural blondes, the “blondeness” has become a defined aspect of their personalities which other women do not suffer from. They tend to feel the flattery from other blondes, and other Europeans who find that look attractive.

      Blondes are great sex. Blondes look good to be with when you are young (and they are young). But they have a shelf life. Once a blonde turns 30, her face starts aging much faster than the body and the light hair magnifies the effect. Imagine an old gray haired lady who puts on a blonde wig. Not much different! Put a brunette wig on her, and she looks younger.

      1. That’s very untrue. I’m over that age you state and when I go with brunette or near black hair I look way rougher, more aged, just older and unapproachable, maybe I even look mean. But when I go with as light a blonde as I can get (pretty close to platinum) I look soft and feminine again and my minor aging doesn’t stand out. Dark hair definitely makes women look older, tougher, more dramatic (which can be sultry) or can just look unapproachable and unfriendly. I like to change my hair around and every time I do, everyone I ask says go back to blonde!

        1. That might be true in your case, but that does not make my comment untrue. Was it you who decided you looked rough or did somebody tell you that you did? Was it another female or a guy if somebody else did? Speaking as a guy, I see the blonde and especially the platinum look as being less attractive than brunette or black hair. An old woman can have natural platinum hair (like an old brunette whose hair has turned platinum in old age). Brown hair looks younger, even if light brown. Also, the face has a lot to do with it. I do not think hair determines of a woman has a “tough face”. Older women who are blonde sometimes end up as the “OMG what did I sleep with!” in the morning after being with that drunk guy from the bar.

      2. I’m as blonde(pure platinum blonde), blue eyed, and fair skinned as can be, and look much younger than my age. I’m in my 40’s and people say I look 22 (some say even younger, as young as 18).
        My mother is also naturally platinum blonde with very bright blue eyes and extremely fair skin. She’s in her 60’s and most say she looks mid or late 20’s.Most other natural blondes I know look younger than their age. Many look much younger than their age like me, my mom, and my sisters do.
        These “blondes” you’re talking about are probably actually brunettes who bleach their hair blonde .

  64. A lot of men prefer blondes, IMHO, because at a glance they appear more feminine, innocent, submissive, gentler, kinder, youthful, and appear more easygoing and pleasant (as opposed to dramatic, like brunettes or fiery redheads). And it’s not sexist or an unfair advantage – straight men are usually, surprisingly, attracted to feminine qualities! I’m a 5’2″ brunette; if I go out in a floral top or a summery dress or even a baby pink top (as opposed to my usual band t-shirt and jeans), I get a lot more men holding doors open for me and tend to make more eye contact/smile at me.

    When we’re around strangers, we tend to scan them quickly to assess them as friendly or possible threats, and blondes just appear to be the symbol of femininity to many because of their natural, softer qualities. Let us not over-simplify this, though. Men do have a type they either prefer or will like considerably less, whether they admit it or not. My white fiancé only recently admitted to me that he’s always preferred brunettes, particularly Latinas, but felt they may be too intense or dramatic and write him off as too vanilla for them to date, so he only pursued people in his own race.

  65. Blonde hair represents youth to most men because there are not many natural blondes over a certain age. Therefore, men subconsciously feel that if they are with a blonde woman, they too are younger by association. Its the same reason why men love a fast car. They might drive an SUV, or a Minivan, but most would prefer a Porsche or a Mercedes. Speed makes them feel young.

    1. Its clear you never been to countries like finland, sweden,norway, denmark, netherlands, germany or iceland…. I know many adult blondes from those countries.. both men and women who got full blonde hair before turning gray. I Also know several eastern europeans and baltic people the same way. IT MIGHT not be common in anglosphere and latin/romanic countries though.

  66. Then wouldn’t this mean that brunettes would have disappeared from the human population ages ago due to selection? And in locations where blondes were not in existence until modern times, wouldn’t the males have aggressively sought to migrate to places where they did at all costs? thus dark haired and dark skinned people wouldn’t represent 95% of the worlds current population? That’s the problem with trying to attribute every modern day trend to some evolutionary basis — the logic hits a dead end sooner or later.

    1. Because Blonde hair is recessive, while brown hair is dominant. In fact, I would argue that the logic shown is sound because otherwise the blonde population would probably have died out by now.

      1. Your argument is invalid. Saying that 95% of world population are brunette because blonde hair is recessive and dark/brown hair is dominant, that would imply that all human population is a result from blonde and dark hair genes and the dark haired genes prevailed and they ended up with dark hair. The reason why are there so few blondes in the world is because they appeared(through mutation) in a very small area in the world comprising a selected group in northern europe(germanic people from southern sweden, norway, denmark, the netherlands and northern germany) and spreading to other areas further south and east (central and eastern europe). If blonde hair mutation would have been generalized … and woukd have pooped up in whole europe, americas, asia and africa …blonde hair despite being recessive would be far more common worldwide than Its today…. Lets take a visit at the countries where blonde mutation ocuured ( souther sweden/norway, denmark , netherlands, northern germany,etc) and you will see despite blonde hair being recessive most of its population are naturally blond and even most of the brunette ones have clear traces of blondism. Afterall blonde hair isnt as recessive as it seems… Also you miss a point… in many countries kids are blondes (usually) but adults are nearly always brown/black haired… Its the case of the english speaking countries like the US, Australia and the UK. That shows that genes change ..some are activated during the lifecourse. ITS FAR more complicated than what we think.

        1. This is false. Blonde hair genes which are stable appeared FIRST in the Aboriginal peoples of Australia, and they are black people. The first visually blonde people were albino Africans, who have blonde hair and blue eyes. Unlike the occurences of blonde hair in western Europeans, the blonde hair gene in the Aborigines is not a mutation. Their skin has abundant cutaneous melanin, and the blonde hair is not also accompanied by blue eyes and light skin.

          Caucasian (white) people attempt to explain away their genetic mutation which gives them less melanin (in hair, eyes and skin). The source of blonde hair, blue eyes and light skin is a LACK OF MELANIN. Genetically, “white” people are tyrosinase positive albinos (partial albinos). They have some pigment, but lack abundant cutaneous melanin in the skin, eyes and hair.

          AGAIN: BlonDe hair appeared first in the black people of Africa, and it still appears regularly in most of the AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL POPULATION.

          This is verifiable if you bother to look. Please do not go around posting your guesses and passing it off as science or empirical data.

  67. I had platinum blonde hair. I just turned it auburn red for my b.f.. I get much less attention now as I did with my natural blonde hair. No body does second looks any more. I want to go back to platinum again. I hate the red. Ill never change again for any one but me. Blondes do have more fun and get more attention. I feel like I don’t shine like I did as a blonde. I have green eyes so I looked HOT. I want to be blonde .all my friends thought I looked good as a blonde.

    1. I agree with you, I was born a blonde and am still a platinum blonde at 46. All through my life my blonde hair got me more men and more head turns than any of my friends, and as a scientist and researcher blonde women do not age faster nor can you tell if the woman has a parasitic infection LOL crazy researcher from back in the day with no studies replicated. Parasitic infections can be so micoscopic or remain inside the individuals body that you cannot detect it. only through blood tests and stool samples can we detect this disease! As far as sex is concerned, I have found that Blonde women are more adventerous in bed and in general are extremely sexual and sensual (See, DiPalma, et al. 2005, Journal of sexuality) or look up on Pubmed. Most Men do prefer blondes, in fact Blondes are known to be well educated, not STUPID, and take very good care of their bodies and skin (we see ourselves with an advantage and it is true, I have never gotten a ticket because of my Blonde hair and green eyes! Men look at females with Blonde hair as arm candy and are proud to be with a hot female too make their peers jealous and others jealous! If you would like to read more about this topic, please go to and type in DiPalma, JA So in the end blondes definitely have more fun, they are more fun and most dark haired-men prefer them and Blonde females prefer Dark haired men!

      1. You really are a narcissistic dumbass. Not trying to lower myself to your level, but I am auburn and men stare at me because I am unique! Blondes are dime a dozen and you can always tell when it is fake unless done by a celebrity hair stylist. And I am sure I am prettier (as a redhead) than you, you troll. And who said blondes are kinky XD ask any man who has a gorgeous red head, we have fire in our blood…if fire on the head, he won’t get out of bed 😉

      2. Lol brunettes are way hotter than blondes. Especially if they’re tan, then it’s like DAYUMM!!! There’s literally nothing on this earth hotter than a woman with long dark hair and tan or olive skin.

      3. Most polls about the prefered hair color, the brunette always win, for men and women. Blondes are not that popular, unless this is an Yankee vision.

        Anyway, I would agree with that vision that white skin is prefered decades ago, but this is not true anymore, as this rascist concept is changing with our times. This article seems just a way to justify your or another peer rascist view, and it’s full of contradictions.

        Nothing against wanting the blondes, everybody is beautiful, but the author doesn’t speak for the majority and this has no evidence

      4. I agree natural platinum blonds with real pale blonde eyebrows are pretty. Marilyn Menroe was not a natural platinum blonde. I can make the same argument is you though I get whistled at wherever I go!! I also have all eyes on me!! Redheads also have the sexy Sassyness of a blond maybe even more so and have terquise eyes blue green!! Although I have platinum eyebrows and everywhere else does that make me more of a strawberry blond I don’t know but point is natural platinum and natural red are always gonna turn heads!! Ash blonde not so much cause it’s very common. With my mostly Swedish Irish German french burnettes are found more attractive or the real dark ash blonde. Go to Mexico or Italy and us Redheads or platinum blonds finally get are moments!! I know the feeling!!

    1. He would prefer it for the same reason that a woman would prefer to be with a man who cares more about who a person IS, than how they LOOK. (There are men out there like this). In other words, she may prefer to be with someone who can actually feel sympathy with old and sick people, instead of being with a psychopath.

      Such a woman might also prefer to date a man who starts each of their sentences with a capital letter, and who writes “Why would men prefer…” or “Why would a man prefer…” rather than “why would a men prefer”.

      AMEN to that ! ! !

      In other words, perhaps the old and sick woman is still a good person, and who is intelligent, versus a young and healthy person with barely two brain cells to rub together.

      Hopefully this empathy and intelligence will be carried over to the children, provided that anon. at September 9, 2013, 8:38 AM is not the father, since (with their apparent disregard for the rules of spelling and grammar, and also apparent selfishness and disregard for others’ feelings) the genetic contribution of this anon. could really throw in a wild card to the resulting children.

      1. Anonymous and everyone, this article, whether its conclusions about preference for skin (*not* hair) color are correct, is an attempt to explain a real phenomenon. Men all around the world, even in African countries, do prefer lighter-skinned women. They are not “racists”; they are responding to a biological imperative: breed with the healthiest mate(s) you can find. That is science, and no amount of “political correctness” will change it.

        I have seen Korean women working in the fields, every one wearing a bonnet to protect her complexion. Also here in Boston, whenever it is sunny, the Chinese-immigrant women carry parasols for the same reason. The attraction of White women for wealthy Black men is well known: think of Tiger Woods and Kanye West, among others. Given the choice, men will choose White.

        I am not sure that the article is right about the reasons, although the obvious disease and aging hypotheses both make sense. I am sure both as a person of reason and as a male that we men prefer light-skinned women.

        1. You must be a black man who dates white women.

          There is no science that proves lighter skin equals healthier, in fact science proves the opposite (skin cancer?)

          1. I am *not* a Black man who dates White women. I am a White man who, like almost all other White men, prefers White women. This is indeed true all over the world; as I think I mentioned, in Korea women wear bonnets in the field to save their complexions, and here in Boston, Chinese immigrant women carry parasols. And long ago, fair maidens were the stuff of European legend,

            I am *not* sure what the reason is, but it is very clear that the vast majority of men prefer light-skinned women. Denying this is simply denying reality. Even the Islamic State mujahideen will pay more for blue-eyed, fair-skinned girls. It does not matter whether a man is civilized or a savage; he responds to an innate preference for what the Muslims call “banu al-Asfar”, children of the yellow.

          2. If white men dont find black women sexually attractive explain: white men fathering children with slaves in the thousands, well off white southern men like Storm Thurmond having relationships and fathering is children with black women, white men taking sex tours in Africa, etc. white men may prefer white women for social appearances but the billions of light skinned black people in the world should tell anyone the other side of that story.

            And you’re not fooling anyone. You’re a black man. No white man spends his time trying to explain why white men are not attracted to dark skinned women LOL

            U mad cause white men now not only seek sex from black women they’re dating and marrying black women while you have to settle for trailer park Becky. Hate on, troll.

        2. Lol k, i’m not white but every bf i’ve had was white and they ALL told me they prefer non-white women to white women.

          Keep living in your fantasy world

  68. You could at least choosed a natural blonde instead of a brunette to back up your theory. Marilyn Monroe was a gorgeous woman and a natural brunette.

    Basically you are trying to say that men prefer blondes but you are actually saying that the prefer light skin color…

      1. Actually, she WAS a brunette, not a blonde at all–she had a kind of light brown hair with red highlights. Just Google Image “Marilyn Monroe natural hair color”. She was born blonde like many of us are, but her hair was pretty brown by the time she was a teenager.

  69. A Very good attempt at explaining this however what about asian people with extremely light skin – sometimes even whiter than caucasian people. This rule doesn’t seem to apply the same? I Mean you can have a black haired person with extremely white skin. It still doesn’t apply.

    1. I think that’s a different subject entirely, this article was most probably written from a Caucasian persons perspective. Also, although their are many black hair w/ pale skin people out there who are also considered favorable I don’t know any “blondes” born this dark skin.

      -Hope this helped (although I may be wrong -I’m just a student)

      1. Yes, you are wrong. Aborigines in Austrail are very dark black people and they are born woth blonde hair (even if most change over time to brown). Many of the retain their blonde hair into adulthood. They are the original natural blondes, and after the European variety are genetically extinct, the Aborigines will still be blonde.

        Google is your friend. You can find lots more. Why do white Europeans think they are so unique?

        1. Why do people have to say “white Europeans”? We all know indigenous Europeans have white skin, stop with the unnecessary repetition. And regarding the aboriginals, do you not see a difference between being born with blonde hair and staying with that hair throughout your life? That’s unique to Europeans. European children are born with dark hair and transition to blonde, while the Australian aboriginals are the opposite meaning the difference here being is the adequate vitamin D levels these two groups require to maintain at a young age. The ancient European Neanderthals had red and light hair (this is where Europeans get their hair color from) as well as it is evolutionary beneficial trait when living in Europe. So you see, we all have evolutionary traits that are unique to the region we are born into. Europeans are unique just as much as everyone else.

    1. This does explain a lot. It explains jealousy of creepy dudes that go for girls that are way out of their league and waste everybody’s time and strategize themselves to be better people but are racist and think money can buy happiness. There is probably a scale for how these preferential hair colors and schemes work and it’s so obvious but nobody talks about it. Womanizers ruin our society. They don’t communicate with their mouth and are terrible buffoons. Stay in your own race and stop trying to be something you’re not if your a pylon with no friends. I can’t stand pathetic leaches that are fake losers with no real education or social skills. It’s all relative. It’s cocky self righteous guys that only have a taste for pathetic and superficial things and then become illiterate when they’ve found it to sugar coat their unwarranted desires to others. Population growth is ruining the earth and killing the fun of life. My rant is out there and done.

      1. Anonymous, what are you on about?? jealousy of creepy dudes and racism, this is an article on hair colour preference and possibly why men prefer blondes. Men who are creeps, racist and and and are not created by blonde women, some men are just that way.

        1. @Kate Yes: SOME men are just that way, while the rest are just victims of women (when “bitch” is LITERALLY a bitch…) or something/one else, incompetent, and/or whatever else.

        2. Some women are born of such men (or women) and are ALSO that way. You just don’t get it admitted-to as much, as women are lying people with no honour, by default. Some are intelligent enough to choose to maintain ethics for themselves and the benefit to society, but those are ultimately rules that are made to be broken by anyone who wants to take advantage of the sheeple around them. Women know they will never get punched in the face, beaten-down or killed (except in rare statistically-insignificant cases).
          So, for example of the semi-fool above ranting about ‘creepy’ dudes (prejudiced against autistic ‘weirdos’ are we? They actually make some of the best, most stable and loyal partners, in other words, perception bias is counter-productive and there is more to prejudice than simple-obvious racism. I’m sick of hearing idiots whine about racism. Racism is fucking natural, because we prefer people who look like us, best admit it, and move on to the point that we don’t get angry with people for doing natural things, but instead have mutual respect across racial boundaries but not some deluded fantasy about how race works when it is deep-rooted in evolutionary psychology. Just don’t hang, burn, kill, drag-behind-truck people due to something as stupid as their race, when there’s plenty of DESERVING arseholes to be fighting against in this world, is my view there. Priorities. So wise the fuck up and find the common flaws in logic that keep ALL humanity down. As those, once learnt, will set you free. Then you can spread the word and be the change you want to see in the world.
          ” I can’t stand pathetic leaches that are fake losers with no real education or social skills. ” – What, so a man has to give, not take, be real, be a ‘winner’ (even though real winners are skilled liars with Machiavellian traits – because that’s what it takes in this world… face it), have some ‘real’ education. What, that means a degree, I take it? I don’t, although I got into one of the very best universities in the country and arguably, the world, for my subject. I didn’t like learning that way or the poseur Academia vibe. but I am vastly ahead of my peers in many areas because I am self-educated and read an immense amount – and using that knowledge, I made a woman cum the first time I ever had sex, for example. But hey, women are looking for a degree, and are too lazy to see further and look deeper! This on further investigation is because – especially these days with Feminism taking its corrupt-power-lust too far – they’ve been taught to have their cake and eat it, that they don’t HAVE TO make any more effort, and that the man has to SERVE THEM. That’s a recipe for setting yourself up to be lied-to…
          “cocky self righteous guys” – is an easy attitude to have when women delude themselves so damned much and are so full of shit these days. Exceptions get a special place in my heart and my respect. “Being real these days ain’t easy” to quote the British (Black) rapper Dizzee Rascal (the track is called: ‘ Where’s the Gs ‘).
          “Not easy” ain’t a damned excuse, though! Especially if one is a man… women have a pussy-pass and it shows. Pussy Pass Denied is a funny meme.
          Generally, men are the way women demand them to be. Lying to yourself, your friends and family, or online, that men invented bad behaviour, is really ignorant and deluded. The world revolves around women (the womb), and for a reason. So women are the most responsible. Thus they get privilege in return. Yet if they reject the responsibility, the privilege is also denied. Much lying goes on about this. Men react to women, not the other way round, overall. If women need to be lied to for anything to get done, then women will be lied to by men. It is a demand being supplied, in the social-sexual marketplace.
          If you want to solve problems, simply learn to live in reality and then you’ll attract men who appreciate that in a woman. (100% of men on the planet would – safest bet ever!)

      2. Wow hon, sounds like you got played. Repeatedly. Don’t hate the game, hate the player. Truth be told, it wouldn’t have been so easy to take advantage of your own superficial system of weeding out lesser potential mates if you, yourself weren’t such a vapid airhead.

      3. Just…yea. *shakes head in disgust* First off, you’re basically explaining yourself… Furthermore, what you put has NOTHING to do with the article EXPLICITLY, and when you’re trying to do a rant it’s BEST to be explicit! Now, “Womanizers ruin our society.” is an opinion, also like “Population growth is ruining the earth and killing the fun of life.” The sentence afterwards goes with what I put about it being COMPLETELY irrelevant.

    2. The only thing that makes sense is: “Not to sound base, but there are only 2 things that matter in this world: sex and eating.” I agree with that, anything else does not make sense. If it is all about hair, then there is only one explanation, blonde hair seem to stand out in a Crowd, or easily noticed as being different and, in addition, there are fewer blonde women than they are brunettes. (Easily noticeable and Fewer in number, easily make men to double take on a blonde girl). Imagine a place where every woman was blonde or most of them were blondes. Will men react the same way to each blonde girl they see? Absolutely not. It is about supply and demand. Generally there are fewer blondes than brunettes, and as I earlier said, blonde hair is easily noticeable and immediately perceived as being different hence the engagement. POINT is, reverse the scenario, MORE Blondes and LESS brunettes. Men will start paying attention to Brunettes even though the blonde hair is still easily noticeable, because the prevalent factor kicks in. Men, in nature likes challenges, getting a Blonde girl in this case will be too easy vs getting a brunette girl.

      1. i agree with you on this point, the color is eye catching in places like the US or South America. If you take a trip to Denmark you will be in a sea of blondes and having brunette or reddish hair stands out and the syndrome is reversed!

      2. Other than what you put at the beginning (people ONLY do sex and eating?), I basically agree with you…to some degree/extent. First off, in my society the MAJORITY of people view people who’re different as “outlaws/outcast”, “non-existent”, eg ones with disorders… I agree on the challenge thing, plus it applies to women as well! Finally, back in elementary when I found this “article” on Women’s Health, it explained the characteristics of each hair color which’s where I was first introduced to blondes being the “sex goddess”. Later on, I searched up why and this website had it being NOT about diseases (WHO cares now?), it’s based purely on our eyes our attracted to/like light colors, ecentially aesthetically pleasing (whites>blacks), which in turn applies to blondes. Also, younguns achieve orgasms greatly than non-ones!

      3. Well then natural redheads should get the most attention of them all cause thats even more rare then a natural blond.

        1. Totally agree. “Blonde” is actually quite common. There are many shades of blonde, and what differentiates it from brunette is what level it lightens to in the sun or with bleach. True brunettes go to red most of the time. And red is gorgeous, and RARE! I would switch to redhead if I had to switch. I’ve had no problem attracting men as a brunette.

      4. I still don’t understand why people think blond is all that. How is it more noticeable? It is a few shades away from being white (and I thought people with white hair dyed it to look more youthful). Also, I don’t get why ugly women think they’re the shit just for being blond. Most of the “sexy” blondes you see are really brunettes who bleach their hair. Natural blondes have non-existent eyebrows and really pale skin. Not trying to hate on blondes, but I honestly prefer brown hair. It looks a fiery reddish/golden brown colour in the sun and in certain lighting, which is sooo much prettier than blond any day. It really depends on the shade of brown that you are referring to. I would NEVER trade my caramel-honey coloured locks for hair that’s practically white. And I do not like the colour yellow (which is the base colour for blond). I prefer red-orange (base colour for brown). Also, there’s already too many blonde women around cause they’re all dying their hair. They think it will suddenly make them gorgeous or something.

          1. Omg, really? Jealous of what? LOL…… I really doubt that she/he is jealous of your yellow hair. Yellow hair is ugly except on children. It looks thin, one-dimensional, and needs to be really healthy to be attractive. Hair with shine and dimension is pretty, and darker shades of blonde or brunette tend to have that. Also: Pretty women come with all different shades of hair color. I’d be willing to bet you are one UGLY woman to make a remark like that (smile).

        1. All I will say is that Marilyn Monroe is considered the most beautiful sexual icon in the world. Some individuals may not agree but overall most men and women do. If Marilyn was brunette or ginger she simply wouldn’t look as pretty or glamorous. Now that is just because it happened to suit her complexion and I understand that. Playboy playmates are usually blonde, again considered superior to other women who get their kit off. I think the truth is a plain woman who bleaches her tresses does not look more attractive than a stunningly beautiful brunette. But when a woman who
          Is stunningly beautiful happens to be white blonde she has the “X FACTOR ” for some reason. The biological explanation makes sense, healthy fair hair and flawless skin etc suggests youth and youth in itself is a turn on for men as it suggests the lady has good genes and is youthful enough to carry a child to term. With brunettes such criteria is not so easy to discern visually. The lady who played a character in fantasy television adaptation ‘Games of Thrones’ was considered the height of beauty and called the ‘sexiest lady in the world ‘. I’m afraid I forget her name but the actress had very long healthy white blonde hair and a very symmetrical appealing face. She was the epitome of youth and beauty. However in real life there actress had mousey brown hair that was mud length and men admitted it was the character that was really the ‘sexiest woman in the world ‘ not the lady that played her. Such was the disappointment she actually bleached her hair and then became a model for Dolce and Gabbana. I believer her characters name was Deanarys Targerean or something very similar. It’s telling I remember the character but not the actress herself. Stripped of her waist length blonde tresses the actress, although still very pretty, certainly didn’t look like the ‘sexiest woman in the world ‘. There is just something about healthy abundant blonde hair if the lady is facially beautiful. I cannot put my finger on it but Marilyn Monroe at the height of her fame displays the breathtaking allure I cannot explain. Blondes are more beautiful only if the lady is beautiful too though, so it’s not all about hair colour.

      5. When you consider that there are about 30 shades of “blonde,” and many are what people would describe as “light brown,” (for example, dark ash blonde, dark golden blonde, etc.) then blonde isn’t really any more “rare” than brunette. And Marilyn Monroe was NOT brunette, she was a natural dark blonde. So….. truth: Anything bright and shiny is going to turn heads. But I always think it’s funny when guys do a double take, then realize the chick is not very attractive and her hair is fried. Men like attractive, healthy, “youthful” women, yes. And youthful can mean many things, totally unrelated to hair color. And to the idiot below who claimed someone was “jealous….” LOL, yeah, right. I’ll keep my shiny, heathy, chestnut hair with dimension over “yellow hair” any day. Or I’d sign up for being a redhead. Blonde is common, and not all blondes are attractive.

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