Buy Weed and Ski Free at This Michigan Resort

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Buy weed, ski for free
Mount Bohemia’s Facebook post announcing the special offer. Photo Credit: Mount Bohemia Facebook

Mount Bohemia and Lume Cannabis Company are rolling out some big news. Way up in the Keweenaw (Kee-wuh-naw) Peninsula of Michigan sits Mount Bohemia, a small ski area with a big personality. The ski area has plenty of steep, challenging terrain and no beginner runs. It now has an exciting offer to announce. If you show a receipt with purchases totaling $50 or more from any Lume Cannabis Company location, you will ski free from 3 to 8 pm. The deal is valid for the next six Thursdays, starting January 26th and ending March 2nd. This move is on par for Mount Bohemia, a ski area that also offers a limited number of lifetime passes (capped at 75 years, in case you were wondering how long a lifetime is). 

Mount Bohemia President Lonnie Glieberman told MLive his thoughts about the partnership: “We’re excited for this partnership with Lume to allow people to have a free night of skiing… Things have been going well so far this winter. Our bookings are way ahead of last year, even though we haven’t had the same amount of snowfall. We foresee a great second half as February is expected to be very snowy.”

With over 30 locations, Lume is Michigan’s largest cannabis company. Lume is looking to give people another option to drinking casually after hitting the slopes. Lume’s Upper Peninsula area manager told mlive this about the partnership. “With Bohemia being the most advanced ski resort in Michigan, we thought it would be a great partnership because the majority of skiers there are adults. People are used to going to the ski lodge to have a cocktail after skiing. We’re trying to show them there’s other options out there as well.” 

Lake Superior
Epic views of Lake Superior at Mount Bohemia. Photo Credit: MI Playground

In 2019, USA Today readers named Mount Bohemia the 2nd best ski resort. It was the only ski area east of the Rockies to break the top ten. Mount Bohemia could reach #1 if this new deal with Luma helps smoke the rest of the competition.

Could Mount Bohemia be on to something? Will other ski areas form a similar joint partnership? Just stay high-drated out there, as you rip more than just pow.

Bonus Content: Check out Mount Bohemia TV, a YouTube channel highlighting the wacky fun they have at the mountain.

Access Voodoo Mountain and go catskiing at the only ski area east of the Rockies. Photo Credit: Local Freshies

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