A Camera Carrying Drone That Follows You…

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Drones are blowing up right now.  Drones are now making a strong move into the ski industry.  Film companies just started using them, but they still don’t seem quite ready for public use as they break and crash a lot.  Electronics don’t like being cold and wet and icy very much.

We’re confident that they’ll improve greatly soon and soon be as annoyingly ubiquitous as GoPros.  We’re picturing personal follow-drones colliding with each other at ski resorts on a daily basis.  Could be kinda funny actually.

We know for certain that 3D Robotics in Silicon Valley, CA has a great quad copter drone and they’re currently working on follow technology.  It’s not quite ready for retail, but will be in a year or so.

The bottom line is that the drone in this video looks like something everyone would love to have.  The video is awesome.

Snow conditions were anything but rad – thus Mike Basich and Nicholas Wolken teamed up with Christoph Thoresen in order to collect some footage worth watching.
In a close future your GoPro might be able to fly automatically behind and all around you, but for now this needs some good old manual piloting skills.

Music: Colourmusic / You For Leaving Me
Riders: Mike Basich /Nichoals Wolken
Camera: Christoph Thoresen

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