1,662 Canada Geese Culled to Control Numbers in Denver Parks | Birds Cooked and Fed to Needy

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geese, culled, Denver, colorado
Colorado authorities have permits to cull unto 2,200 geese annually. Credit: EatNorth.com

Anybody who’s driven through Denver, CO will be aware of the vast gaggles of Canada geese that line the highways and take over the parks.

The Denver Post reported Thursday that to combat this pest a state permit allows the U.S. Department of Agriculture to corral and kill up to 2,200 Canada geese each year statewide. This year Colorado authorities rounded up 1,662 geese in an effort to reduce population numbers in city parks and lakes.

A spokeswoman says they have finished roundups this year from four Denver parks: Sloan’s Lake, Washington Park, City Park, and Garfield Lake Park.

geese, Denver, culled
About 5,000 geese live in Denver year-round. Credit: news-america24.com

Officials say about 5,000 geese live in Denver year-round, but the permit also includes other species including ducks and owls. Officials say the captured geese were cooked and served by an unidentified organization to families in need.

The department says the program will be re-evaluated next year.

Last week, protesters signed a petition asking for the geese to be spared.

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